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Interview with Alicia Nickles, November 4, 2015

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:17 - Relationship between AthFest Educates, AthFest, and the AthHalf half marathon

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Partial Transcript: How did you become involved with AthFest?

Segment Synopsis: Nickles discusses her roles and responsibilities at Flagpole and AthFest Educates. She explains the relationship between the nonprofit, AthFest Educates, the festival, AthFest, and the fundraiser, AthHalf half marathon. She also talks about issues that arose at AthFest 2015 due to local alcohol ordinances.

Keywords: AOC Twilight; AthFest Educates; AthHalf half marathon; Athens downtown; Athens economy; Athens-Clarke County; Dr. Arvin Scott; Flagpole Magazine; South Kitchen and Bar; Terrapin Beer Co; Twilight race; nonprofit development; nonproft organization

00:07:05 - Role within AthFest

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Partial Transcript: Okay, another question: what are your exact responsibilities as chair of the AthFest Educates executive committee?

Segment Synopsis: Nickles discusses her role within AthFest and the relationship to her job at Flagpole.

Keywords: Flagpole Magazine; Grady School of Journalism; Jared Bailey; UGA; University of GA; University of Georgia; media sponsorship; nonprofit development; nonprofit leadership; nonprofit sponsorship; program development

00:12:01 - Changes in AthFest

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Partial Transcript: How did operations change in general from when Jared Bailey was in charge to when Jill Helme came in and kind of took over as executive director?

Segment Synopsis: Nickles talks about the changes that occurred in AthFest when Jill Helme became Executive Director. She also discusses her involvement in AthFest's beginnings and its evolution throughout the years.

Keywords: AthFest Educates; Athens Downtown Development Authority; Flagpole Magazine; South by Southwest; UGA; University of GA; University of Georgia; nonprofit leadership; nonprofit management; nonprofit organization

00:19:07 - AthFest's Relationship with Athens and UGA

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Partial Transcript: So, talking about the community and stuff, how do you think AthFest helps shape Athens as a community overall?

Segment Synopsis: Nickles discusses AthFest's impact on the Athen's community and local economy. Nickles also talks about AthFest's relationship with UGA and the involvement of students with the festival.

Keywords: AOC Twilight; David Barbe; Music Business Program; Terrapin Beer Co; Terry College of Business; Twilight race; University of GA; University of Georgia

00:26:24 - AthFest funding

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Partial Transcript: And, you know, that kind of goes back into sponsorship sales.

Segment Synopsis: Nickles discusses the financial problems that AthFest faces. She also discusses the purpose of selling merchandise, beer, VIP tickets, club crawl wristbands, and vending spots.

Keywords: Jill Helme; beer tent; club crawl; nonprofit fundraising; nonprofit sponsorship

00:33:07 - Living in Athens

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Partial Transcript: How long have you lived in Athens?

Segment Synopsis: Nickles talks about living in Athens as a student and adult. She discusses raising a family in the Athens community, referencing kid-friendly events like KidsFest.

Keywords: Camp Amped; Charleston, South Carolina; Chase Street Elementary School; DJ Mahogany; Don Chambers; Flagpole Magazine; Nu├ži's Space

00:38:34 - Goals of AthFest Educates

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Partial Transcript: What's the end goal of AthFest Educates?

Segment Synopsis: Nickles discusses AthFest Educates's involvement with music education for Athens students and community. She also talks about AthFest Educates's future goals, including possible public arts projects.

Keywords: Boys and Girls Club; Clarke County Schools; UGA; UGA Strings Program; University of GA; University of Georgia Strings Program; music education grants; music education scholarships; public art

00:43:59 - AthFest experiences / AthFest band line-ups

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Partial Transcript: Have you had any particularly memorable experiences at AthFest?

Segment Synopsis: Nickles recounts past performances and personal stories from her AthFest experiences. She explains how AthFest decides their main acts and discusses how this might change in the future.

Keywords: 1988; AthFest promoting; Bubba Sparks; Michael Stipe; Widespread Panic; beer tent

00:53:16 - Athens community involvement

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Partial Transcript: In what other ways are you involved in the Athens community?

Segment Synopsis: Nickels discusses her involvement in the Athens community. She also shares her least favorite aspects of her involvements.

Keywords: Canopy Studio; Flagpole Magazine; autism; behavioral disorders; downtown Athens; flying aerial dance trapeze; kinesthetic therapy

00:55:39 - AthFest successes

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Partial Transcript: How do you think AthFest has succeeded over the years

Segment Synopsis: Nickles explains how AthFest's identity as a local festival has formed throughout the years.

Keywords: AthFest Educates; Athens music scene; Music Midtown; SXSW; South by Southwest; nonprofit expansion

00:59:20 - Future of AthFest

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Partial Transcript: So do you think AthFest will ever take a totally different direction

Segment Synopsis: Nickles discusses different strategies AthFest could use to surmount possible problems. She also talks about partnering further with the city of Athens.

Keywords: AthFest Educates; city taxes; club crawl; nonprofit development; nonprofit fundraising; nonprofit management

01:07:37 - Volunteering for AthFest

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Partial Transcript: How would someone go about getting involved

Segment Synopsis: Nickels talks about the different volunteer opportunities AthFest offers, especially the AthHalf. She also discusses AthFest's biggest sponsors and their motivations.

Keywords: AthFest Educates; AthHalf half marathon; Leon Farmer & Company; NBG; National Bank of Georgia; nonprofit fundraising; nonprofit growth

01:13:05 - Future AthFest Educates events / Flagpole Music Awards

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Partial Transcript: Do you ever think AthFest or AthFest Educates will grow beyond AthHalf

Segment Synopsis: Nickles talks about possible future events AthFest Educates could put on. She then discusses the vision and purpose of the Flagpole Music Awards.

Keywords: Athens education system; Athens educators; Athens music festival; Athens-Clarke County; Flagpole Magazine; SXSW; South By Southwest; music education scholarships

01:18:40 - AthFest genres

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Partial Transcript: So in terms of the genre of the music played at the festival

Segment Synopsis: Nickles discusses the genres represented in AthFest and especially the role of hip-hop.

Keywords: Athens hip-hop community; blue grass; hip-hop culture; underground music culture

01:22:18 - Favorite AthFest memories

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Partial Transcript: One, if someone put a gun to your head and asked you which year was your favorite

Segment Synopsis: Nickles provides some final anecdotal memories of past festivals. She also lists some of her favorite acts.

Keywords: AthFest Educates; Athens music scene; Kishi Bashi; Reptar; The Truckers