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Interview with Jacqueline Coburn, October 19, 2016

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:13 - Coburn's introduction to farming

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Partial Transcript: How did you get into farming?

Segment Synopsis: Coburn talks about working on a neighbor's farm, which inspired her to start her own certified naturally-grown farm in Covington, Georgia, in 2009. She discusses moving operations to Winterville, Georgia, and establishing a certified organic farm in 2012.

Keywords: certification; natural; organic

00:05:49 - Origins of Collective Harvest

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Partial Transcript: So when was your time at the Athens Farmers market?

Segment Synopsis: Coburn talks about selling at the Athens Farmers Market and participating in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group with several other Athens farmers.

Keywords: CSA; Collective Harvest

00:11:30 - Growth of Collective Harvest

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Partial Transcript: The- so the Collective Harvest has been up for this year and the previous year.

Segment Synopsis: Coburn describes the increasing demand for Collective Harvest products and explains how the five farms divide production quotas among themselves. Additionally, Coburn discusses the CSA's marketing strategies, such as flyers, social media campaigns, and a partnership with Whole Foods.

Keywords: marketing; public relations; sales

00:16:15 - Efficient farming

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Partial Transcript: We talked recently about waste.

Segment Synopsis: Coburn emphasizes the importance of donating excess food that the farms can't sell or use. She also recalls her initial concern about the feasibility of farming, in addition to describing organizational improvements and financial strategies implemented by her farm in Winterville.

Keywords: finances; food waste; loans

00:23:28 - Managing farm operations

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Partial Transcript: Are there any things that you would change if you could start farming over?

Segment Synopsis: Coburn talks about the the process of deciding what to plant, collaborating with employees, and working with the non-profit FoodCorps, a youth program for agricultural education. Coburn also describes Collective Harvest's existing contracts and its goals to expand.

Keywords: Cedar Grove; Hickory Hill; business; contracts; education

00:29:35 - Value of CSAs

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Partial Transcript: But speaking of CSAs, do you know if there are other ones in this area that Collective Harvest itself competes against?

Segment Synopsis: Coburn mentions several other local CSAs and commends the diversity and quality of products that CSAs provide.

Keywords: Athens Land Trust; Veggie Patch; Woodland Gardens