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Interview with Dorinda Dallmeyer, May 3, 2016

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:40 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: I started out living in my....

Segment Synopsis: Dallmeyer talks about her childhood in Macon, Georgia, and explains that her great-grandmother taught her about nature. Dallmeyer describes her love for the ocean which stemmed from her childhoods spent at Jacksonville Beach. Dallmeyer explains her childhood environmentalist tendencies. Dallmeyer talks about the degrees she received at the University of Georgia as well as some of the classes she took.

Keywords: Jacksonville Beach; Macon Motorboat Club; Macon, Georgia; Ocmulgee River; University of Georgia (UGA); geography

00:07:28 - Marine experience / Working in Law

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Partial Transcript: And you're also interested in marine science...

Segment Synopsis: Dallmeyer talks about her experience working with deep-sea marine fossils along with her study of sedimentation. Dallmeyer talks about her decision to study law after a negative interaction with representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dallmeyer recalls her mentoring experience at the Dean Rusk International Law Center. Dallmeyer describes the most memorable cases of her career in law.

Keywords: Dean Rusk; Dean Rusk International Law Center; Discovery Bay Marine Lab; Dr. James Porter; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Fisher Island; marine fossils

00:14:02 - The Individual and Global Society / Water-ecosystem related work

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Partial Transcript: I saw in your bio that you did...

Segment Synopsis: Dallmayer talks about a radio mini-series she, along with other participants, worked on called The Individual and Global Society. Dallmeyer describes the work she did on the National Academy of Sciences Committee as she talked about fishery-related issues along America's coasts. Dallmayar recalls her work in the protection of the Altamaha River.

Keywords: Altamaha River; Fishery restoration; Ford Foundation; National Academy of Sciences Committee; Rusk Center for International Law; The Individual and Global Society; phosphate mining

00:22:07 - Protection of the Altamaha River

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Partial Transcript: They had historical societies who would...

Segment Synopsis: Dallmeyer talks about the cultural, communal, and historical importance of the Altamaha River. Dallmeyer explains how the passing of the Shore Protection Act and National Environmental Policy Act led to the protection of the Altamaha River from mining operations.

Keywords: Altamaha River; National Environmental Policy Act; Shore Protection Act; environmental protection; marshes

00:29:38 - Environmental regulations in Georgia / James Holland

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Partial Transcript: You mentioned that Georgia was kind of...

Segment Synopsis: Dallmeyer talks about the shift in Georgian perceptions of environmental regulations that has taken place from the 1960's. Dallmeyer describes James Holland, who was also known as "The Altamaha River Keeper" and she talks about his work in Altamaha River protection. Dallmayer discusses the writing of her book Altamaha: A River and Its Keeper.

Keywords: Altamaha: A River and Its Keeper; James Holland; Lester Maddox; environmental regulations

00:36:46 - The overuse and pollution of Georgian rivers

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Partial Transcript: The mussels that live in the Altamaha...

Segment Synopsis: Dallmeyer talks about the environmental changes that have taken place on the Altamaha River due to industrial pollution. Dallmeyer discusses issues concerning the pollution and overuse of major Georgian rivers.

Keywords: Altamaha River; Chattahoochee River; pollution

00:43:30 - Paddle Georgia

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Partial Transcript: So tell me a little bit about your...

Segment Synopsis: Dallmeyer talks about the work that she does on the Georgia River Network, and the importance of their Paddle Georgia initiative, which takes participants on a paddle tour of different Georgian Rivers. Dallmeyer emphasizes the importance the program has on people's perceptions of the environment.

Keywords: Georgia River Network; Ocmulgee River; Paddle Georgia

00:50:59 - Southern Nature Project

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Partial Transcript: Around 2002, and it actually...

Segment Synopsis: Dallmeyer talks about her decision to start a nature-related writing club called the Southern Nature Project. Dallmeyer discusses some of the works she has authored including Batram's Living Legacy and Elemental South.

Keywords: Ads Ecology of a Cracker Childhood; Bartram's Living Legacy; Elemental South; writing

00:58:40 - Environmental Ethics Certificate Program

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Partial Transcript: What is the Environmental Ethics Certificate Program...

Segment Synopsis: Dallmeyer talks about her work with the University of Georgia Environmental Ethics Certificate Program. Dallmeyer explains the origin of the program and its purpose as an interdisciplinary initiative that teaches about ways to approach and acknowledge environmental ethics. Dallleyer emphasizes the importance of environmental initiatives in schools and in the community.

Keywords: UGA Environmental Ethics Certificate Program; University of Georgia (UGA); environmental ethics

01:05:37 - Environmental initiatives at the University of Georgia

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Partial Transcript: What kind of students do you...

Segment Synopsis: Dallmeyer talks about the increase of environmental-related majors at the University of Georgia (UGA). Dallmeyer talks about some of the projects that she is currently involved in.

Keywords: Certificate of Sustainability; James Holland; University of Georgia (UGA)