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Interview with Bob Killian, March 20, 2015

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:43 - The LCP Site becomes Superfund

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Partial Transcript: My full name is Robert Paul Killian...

Segment Synopsis: Killian introduces the issues surrounding the contamination of LCP Chemical Site of Brunswick, Georgia. Killian explains that the contamination of the area was the responsibility of the company Honeywell International Inc. Killian recalls that the contaminated site was transferred into a Superfund Site, which garnered attention from the surrounding media.

Keywords: Aroclor 1268; Brunswick, Georgia; Honeywell International Inc; LCP chemical site, Southern Georgia; Supreme Court; mercury

00:08:15 - Building the LCP case

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Partial Transcript: What would your companies' role have been...

Segment Synopsis: Killian describes the work of his law firm during the LCP Superfund Site case of Brunswick Georgia. Killian explains the plaintiffs of the case as the river and marsh front owners. Killian recalls that the case was governed under the English model of the trespassing law. Killian mentions that there was much dispute over the level of the pollution of Brunswick, Georgia river and marsh fronts by the company Honeywell.

Keywords: Brunswick, Georgia; Honeywell International Inc.; LCP Chemical Site; Superfund Site; marsh front

00:15:11 - The plaintiff's defense

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Partial Transcript: And it was removed from state court to...

Segment Synopsis: Killian talks about the process through which aspects of the LCP Site Case were transferred from the State Court to Superior Court, and how some class actions were even transferred to the Supreme Court. Killian explains that the gist of the case was that mercury and PCP Aroclor 1268 were found in the waterfronts of Brunswick Georgia. Killian talks about some of the defenses made by the plaintiffs supporting the predisposition of the hazardous chemicals.

Keywords: Amanda Williams; Aroclor 1268; State Court; appellate court; class action; equitable relief; mercury

00:21:46 - Riverfront cleanup

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Partial Transcript: Our claims were based almost entirely on...

Segment Synopsis: Killian talks about how his involvement in the PCP case was focused primarily on the Georgia Trespass and Nuisance Laws. Killian explains that this position was easy to take as precedent rulings made the position valid in the eyes of the court. Killian shares how the Superfund Site has not undergone adequate remediation even after the case. Killian talks about a meeting held between the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) and the public, during which Killian states the public voiced their opinion about their wish for remediation.

Keywords: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Environmental Protection Division (EPD); Superfund Site; remediation

00:28:14 - LCP surrounding fish population / Hercules toxaphene

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Partial Transcript: But in comparison to people that have...

Segment Synopsis: Killian talks about his wish for the river and marsh fronts of Brunswick, Georgia to be cleaned up to the extent that fish may be consumed from the area. Killian describes how Honeywell's contamination of the LPC site may also be the source of the pollution of a major aquifer located around the area. Killian talks about another case, where the company Hercules was suspected of releasing toxaphene smoke into the surrounding neighborhoods of Brunswick, Georgia.

Keywords: Honeywell International Inc.; Mercury; PCP Aroclor 1268; aquifer; toxaphene

00:34:38 - Hercules contamination case / Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: So we brought that and settled that...

Segment Synopsis: Killian explains how the Hercules contamination case was settled relatively easily by his law firm along with the assistance of lawyers from the King & Spalding LLP. Killian shares how the wish for business surrounding the depression era fueled environmentally-unregulated development. Killian explains how economic motivations can spur both intentional or unintentional environmental damage.

Keywords: Hercules; Honeywell International Inc.; King & Spalding LLP.; Superfund Sites; toxaphene