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Interview with Emmett Head, February 7, 2014

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:24 - Early life / Activities on the river

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Emmett, I was wondering if you could tell us...

Segment Synopsis: Head talks about growing up in Pulaski County. He describes his time living in Chicago after he left the military and his decision to later move to Hawkinsville, Georgia. Head describes Hawkinsville at the time and community activities that took place on the Ocmulgee River.

Keywords: Boat race; Browndale, Georgia; Ed Darcy; Hawkinsville, Georgia; Macon boat club; Pulaski County, Georgia

00:07:10 - Recollection of John Calvin Sr. / Boat retrieval

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Partial Transcript: You told us earlier that you knew...

Segment Synopsis: Head talks about his interactions with John Calvin Sr.. He then talks about his work in the auto repair industry and describes notable river locations in addition to a sunken boat retrieval that occurred along the Ocmulgee River.

Keywords: John Calvin Hadden; Ocmulgee River

00:12:59 - Businesses along the Ocmulgee / Natural river features

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Partial Transcript: About a mile and a half, they had...

Segment Synopsis: Head talks about infrastructure, businesses, houses, and fish traps that were located along the Ocmulgee River. He then describes a loading dock along the Ocmulgee, and other river features.

Keywords: Ocmulgee River; fish traps; fishing; spring; sturgeon; wine distribution

00:19:54 - Bridges along the Ocmulgee / Natural features

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Partial Transcript: And then, below this last place...

Segment Synopsis: Head continues to list natural features and bridges that were found along the Ocmulgee and talks about the yearly spawning of striped bass in the river. Head describes the area where the Oconee and Ocmulgee river meet.

Keywords: Abbeville Bridge; Abbeville, Georgia; Lumber City, Georgia; mountain

00:26:33 - Recent river activities

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Partial Transcript: I very seldom go where the two...

Segment Synopsis: Head talks about his reluctance to enter the caves located where the Oconee and Ocmulgee River meet. He reflects on his recent activity on the Ocmulgee and talks about the potential dangers of river swimming and shares some of the specifics of boat maneuvering on the Ocmulgee.

Keywords: Jacksonville, Georgia; Lumber, Georgia; alligators; fishing