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Interview with Leslie Sewell, Lee Slade, and Chuck Southerland, February 7, 2014

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:31 - Events on the Ocmulgee / Rivers Alive

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Partial Transcript: We are here to discuss some of the...

Segment Synopsis: Slade talks about the importance of the Ocmulgee River to the Hawkinsville community. Sewell recalls a raft race that took place on the Ocmulgee. Southerland describes his work with the Rivers Alive river cleanup program.

Keywords: Rivers Alive; canoe race; river cleanup; tourism

00:07:28 - Rivers Alive Events / The future of Ocmulgee cleanup

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Partial Transcript: Another thing at Rivers Alive, we get...

Segment Synopsis: Southerland continues to list the previously held activities held on the Ocmulgee through the Rivers Alive Program. Slade talks about the future of the Ocmulgee River cleanup initiative. Southerland describes the initiatives made by the Hawkinsville community to fund the cleanup.

Keywords: Charlotte Gillis; Georgia Canoeing Association; Georgia River Network; National Park Service; Paddle Georgia; river cleanup

00:14:34 - Activities on the Ocmulgee

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Partial Transcript: You can see where this inspiration comes from...

Segment Synopsis: Sewell talks about Chuck Southerland's leadership in Hawkinsville's river cleanup initiatives and describes his favorite activities on the Ocmulgee River.

Keywords: Darian, Georgia; Hawkinsville, Georgia; river cleanup

00:18:07 - 1994 flood

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Partial Transcript: But let me say something about this...

Segment Synopsis: Sewell, Southerland, and Slade share stories from the1994 flood that hit Hawkinsville, Georgia.

00:29:21 - River restoration

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Partial Transcript: The people that have gotten on board with...

Segment Synopsis: Sewell, Slade, and Southerland talk about the importance of community river involvement and share river restoration and river cleanup stories.

Keywords: Canoe Association; Department of Natural Resources; Ocmulgee Blueway; restoration; tires

00:38:20 - River restoration and future projects

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Partial Transcript: [it's] been a labor of love...

Segment Synopsis: Southerland and Slade discuss future river activities. Sewell lists donations made by the community for the Ocmulgee River restoration.

Keywords: Rivers Alive; restoration