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Interview with Henry Cravey, Phil NeSmith, and Chuck Southerland, February 7, 2014

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:01 - The premier of the City of Hawkinsville steamboat

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Partial Transcript: This is the first person project....

Segment Synopsis: Cravey, NeSmith and Southerland introduce themselves. Southerland talks about the history behind the City of Hawkinsville steamboat, designed in 1894. Southerland shares a newspaper article from the steamboat's first sail to Hawkinsville, Georgia. Southerland details the entire career of the steamboat

Keywords: Abbeville, Georgia; City of Hawkinsville; Hawkinsville, Georgia; Suwanee River; steamboat

00:07:05 - Visiting Old Town, Florida

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Partial Transcript: I had the privilege to go down to...

Segment Synopsis: Southerland, NeSmith, and Cravey share details from their trip to Old Town, Florida to see The City of Hawkinsville steamboat, which was stationed on the bottom of the Suwannee River. Southerland talks about the historical records and artifacts pertaining to the steamboat preserved in Old Town.

Keywords: Old Town, Florida; Suwannee River; The City of Hawkinsville; artifacts

00:12:29 - Reflections on the trip

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Partial Transcript: How did y'all get the idea to make this trip...

Segment Synopsis: Southerland, Cravey, and NeSmith reflect on the trip to Old Town, Florida. Southerland shares the history of port cities and steamboats on the Ocmulgee River. NeSmith talks about the importance of the City of Hawkinsville shipwreck to the Old Town community.

Keywords: City of Hawkinsville; Donald Herring; Old Town, Florida

00:19:32 - Inspiration for historical interest / Concluding thoughts

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Partial Transcript: I did see an article the other day....

Segment Synopsis: Cravey, NeSmith, and Southerland talk about the origins behind their interests in Hawkinsville's history. Southerland describes his current work to create an educational display in Hawkinsville, Georgia. NeSmith and Cravey reflect on the importance of the river as a "source of recreation".

Keywords: City of Hawkinsville; Hawkinsville, Georgia; heritiage; history