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Interview with Ed Darsey, John Calvin Hadden, and Emmett Head, February 6, 2014

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:10 - Stories from the river / Boat races

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Partial Transcript: My name is J.C Hadden and I was born here...

Segment Synopsis: Hadden, Darsey, and Head introduce themselves and their origins. Hadden talks about a trip his father made down the Ocmulgee. Hadden, Darsey, and Head talk about boat races held on the Ocmulgee.

Keywords: Ocmulgee River; boat races

00:08:09 - Fishing on the river / River stories

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Partial Transcript: Speaking of skiing, the skiing...

Segment Synopsis: Darcey talks about the importance and history of the Ocmulgee River to him. Darcey, Head and Hadden share their fishing experiences on the Ocmulgee.

Keywords: Gene Johnson; Ocmulgee River; fishing

00:16:29 - Hog hunting stories / Body recovery on the Ocmulgee

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Partial Transcript: We had some guys down one time...

Segment Synopsis: Hadden shares a story about hog hunting along the Ocmulgee. Darsey, Hadden, and Head talk about the creation of a boat club in 1959. Darsey talks about his recovery of the body of a young drowning victim on the Ocmulgee.

Keywords: body recovery; duck hunting; hog hunting; hunting

00:23:22 - Hadden's tales on the river

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Partial Transcript: One of my other favorite tales...

Segment Synopsis: Hadden shares a story from his father about a racoon hunting trip along with other experiences he had with members of the community.

Keywords: boating; racoon trapping

00:29:11 - Duck hunting / Fun on the river bank

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Partial Transcript: I was so much younger than those two...

Segment Synopsis: Hadden and Darsey continue to share stories of their river mishaps. Hadden recalls how he and Darsey occasionally invited others from the community on fishing and skiing trips.

Keywords: duck hunting; fishing trips; skiing

00:35:39 - Drought on the Ocmulgee / Hunting stories

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Partial Transcript: Well I'll tell you what, I had experienced this...

Segment Synopsis: Darsey talks about a recent experience in which he explored the river channels after a drought caused low water levels. He describes some hand-crafted boats used on the water by member of the surrounding community. Darsey, Hadden, and Head share hunting stories from on the river.

Keywords: drought; duck hunting; hunting; river channels