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Interview with Butch Hall and Sam Way, February 6, 2014

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:18 - Growing up

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Partial Transcript: I have an interesting story to tell about...

Segment Synopsis: Hall shares stories of his father's fishing exploits and personality. Hall talks about the pollution of the Ocmulgee River and his experience on the riverfront. Hall recalls his father's work to cleanup the Ocmulgee River.

Keywords: Hawkinsville, Georgia; Mark Hall; US Army Corps of Engineers; Way Brothers, Inc.; exploits

00:07:16 - Cleaning the Ocmulgee River

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Partial Transcript: Well, he got real interested in establishing...

Segment Synopsis: Way talks about Mark Hall's work to gather the funding needed for the maintenance of the Ocmulgee River. Way reflects on his frustration that the river is not currently being maintained. Butch Hall details the river cleaning process.

Keywords: Altamaha River; Mark Hall; Tic Forrester; pollution

00:13:08 - Boat club and alligators

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Partial Transcript: Tell us a little bit about the...

Segment Synopsis: Hall talks about the boat club that was formed in Hawkinsville, Georgia. He then shares a story about a pet alligator along with his interactions with alligators. Way describes the importance of the Ocmulgee River to the surrounding community.

Keywords: Mark Hall; Ocmulgee River; alligators; boat club; boat races; river cleanup

00:19:50 - River cleanup / Historic preservation

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Partial Transcript: But, when cotton was king...

Segment Synopsis: Way talks about the history of the Ocmulgee River and the current river cleanup movement. Butch reflects on his father's love of the Ocmulgee River and the notable places and artifacts that should be preserved and developed in his community.

Keywords: Chuck Sullivan; Ocmulgee River; development; river cleanup