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Interview with Chuck Southerland and Eddie Coleman, February 6, 2014

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:21 - Trip overview (Hawkinsville to Jacksonville)

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Partial Transcript: What Eddie and I want to tell...

Segment Synopsis: Coleman and Southerland describe some of the challenges they, along with Terrell Buchan and Tom Sylvester, faced in their journey down the Ocmulgee River. They describe stops they made along the way and mishaps they experienced, such as an interactions with wildlife and fuel spills into the canoe.

Keywords: Hawkinsville, Georgia; Ocmulgee River; Terrell Buchan; Tom Sylvester; Uvalda, Georgia

00:07:06 - Jacksonville to Altamaha

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Partial Transcript: I was wondering if you could....

Segment Synopsis: Southerland explains how his outdoor experience inspired the trip down the Ocmulgee River. He describes the role each member played throughout the trip. Southerland talks about a lightning storm the group encountered after passing Jacksonville and the group's arrival at the Altamaha River.

Keywords: Altamaha River; Eddie Coleman; Ocmulgee River; Tom Sylvester

00:14:19 - Reaching Two-Way Fish Camp

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Partial Transcript: When we got to the Altamaha...

Segment Synopsis: Southerland talks about reaching the Altamaha River after coming off the Ocmulgee branch. Southerland and Coleman describe the people they met along the way. They detail how the river's current and the confusing layout of the estuary proved a challenge to the journey.

Keywords: Altamaha Regional Park; Altamaha River; Doctortown, Georgia

00:20:48 - Reflections on the journey

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Partial Transcript: What did y'all eat on the trip...

Segment Synopsis: Southerland talks about the navigation-aspects of the journey and the challenges they faced. Coleman reflects on the amicability among the group throughout the journey and Southerland talks about a feature he wrote for the town's newspaper about the trip.

Keywords: Two-Way Fish Camp; challenges; current; lightning storms

00:26:19 - Wild life encounters / Reflections

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Partial Transcript: Eddie had a couple of comments at the end...

Segment Synopsis: Coleman shares the group's reflections and comments from the trip. Southerland and Coleman list their interactions with wildlife along the way.

Keywords: alligator; egret