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Interview with Milton Raven, December 3, 2013

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:24 - Childhood / Business adventures

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Partial Transcript: My full name is Milton A. Raven Sr...

Segment Synopsis: Raven talks about his family history and about growing up in Archery, Georgia. He describes his childhood education, which primarily took place in Plains. Raven talks about his college experience, jobs, and community projects he worked after graduating. He talks about the tourism appeal of Plains and his experience attending a Rosenwald School.

Keywords: Albany State University; Archery, Georgia; Johnson Home Industrial College; Levi Raven; Plains, Georgia; Ravenwood Apartments; Staley Middle School; Sublime Order of Archery

00:06:59 - Marriage and Family History

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Partial Transcript: My book was basically referring to the community...

Segment Synopsis: Raven describes growing up with five brothers and talks about his family's history in Archery. He recalls how he met his wife in the mid-1940's and his decision to teach. Ravens describes his time in the army as he was stationed in Alaska.

Keywords: Alaska; Archery, Georgia; Johnny Raven Jr.; Johnny Raven Sr.; Lilly Raven; Mimmie's Diner; church; education; railroad work; teaching

00:12:33 - Career / Book premise

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Partial Transcript: Is there anything that stood out in your...

Segment Synopsis: Raven lists inspiring people in his life. He talks about his career as a principal, a job he held for twenty years starting in the early 1960's. Raven talks about his book, which focuses on the history of Archery, Georgia and his family. Raven reflects on the need for an increased sense of community in Archery.

Keywords: Archery, Georgia; Archery: A Historic African American Community Southwest of Plains, Georgia; childhood; teaching