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Interview with Charles Crisp, December 3, 2013

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:22 - Growing up / Family History

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Partial Transcript: My full name is Charles Fredrick Crips...

Segment Synopsis: Crisp describes his childhood in Americus and recalls the changes to the business industries located in the town over time. Crisp talks about his family history.

Keywords: Americus, Georgia; Benjamin Harvey Hill; Gainesville Georgia; Glover Wholesale; House of Representatives; Sheffield Hardware; The Bank of Commerce

00:07:35 - The Bank of Commerce / Historic Preservation

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Partial Transcript: In 1896, after the Republicans...

Segment Synopsis: Crisp continues to tell the story of his family's involvement in business and politics in Americus. He talks about the history of his family's bank, The Bank of Commerce, and the story behind other buildings located downtown. Crisp describes his work in the Americus Historic Preservation Commission.

Keywords: Americus, Georgia; Bank of Commerce; Historic Preservation Commission; John Sheffield; Marine Corp.

00:13:58 - Infrastructure history

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Partial Transcript: How many courthouses do we...

Segment Synopsis: Crisp talks about the history behind the many courthouses that were built in Americus, Georgia. He describes the reasons behind Americus's economic boom in the 1880's and 1890's. Crisp shares the story behind the design of an interstate railway system headquartered in Americus, Georgia.

Keywords: Americus, Georgia; SAM (Savannah, Americus, Alabama) Railroad; Samuel Hawkins; Windsor Hotel; courthouse

00:20:12 - Economic conditions / Glover Wholesale

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Partial Transcript: Americus recovered, Americus and Sumter County...

Segment Synopsis: Crisp talks about the economic conditions of Americus, Georgia in the 20th century. He describes the origin behind the street, Cotton Avenue, and talks about the businesses located there. Crips shares the history of Glover Wholesale, a grocery store located in Americus, Georgia. He then talks about fires that took over portions of downtown Americus in the 1800's.

Keywords: Cotton Avenue; George Washington Napoleon Bonaparte Glover; Glover Wholesale; The Civil Rights Movement; The Great Depression; The Roundtree Warehouse Business; boll weevil

00:28:00 - Fires in Americus Georgia / House renovations

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Partial Transcript: And downtown burned several times...

Segment Synopsis: Crisp continues to share the history of fires in Americus and how it led to building construction regulations. Crisp talks about the history of the Lee Council House and the changes to other historic houses over the years in Americus.

Keywords: Lee Council House; Planters Bank Building; Sumter Historic Trust