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Interview with Hans Neuhauser, July 12, 2013

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:31 - Starting at the Georgia Conservancy

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Partial Transcript: Hans, I want to start at the very...

Segment Synopsis: Neuhauser explains his choice to come to the University of Georgia (UGA) for a master's in ecology. Neuhauser states that he became the Director of the Georgia Conservancy in 1972 and describes his interest in environmental concerns. He talks about the inspiration behind coastal concerns in Georgia.

Keywords: Boston, Massachusetts; Dick Van Gelder; Donald Scott; Middlebury College; Ralph Nader; The Water Lords; University of Georgia; ecology

00:07:18 - Tybee Island coastal re-nourishment / Mining Savannah's coasts

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Partial Transcript: So, do you remember the first issue that you had to...

Segment Synopsis: Neuhauser talks about the first issue he tackled as the director of the Georgia Conservancy, which was the re-nourishment of Tybee Island beach. Neuhauser describes his difficulties in working with the Army Corps of Engineers and the ecological issues concerning the mining of Savannah's coasts in the 1960's.

Keywords: Eugene Odum; Georgia Conservancy; Jekyll Island; Kurr-McGee; President Jimmy Carter; University System of Georgia; University of Georgia (UGA)

00:13:57 - Issues in the Okefenokee Swamp / Georgia Conservancy organization

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Partial Transcript: Interestingly, that study of the potential impacts of...

Segment Synopsis: Neuhauser describes issues over the mining of the Savannah Coastline. Neuhauser explains his involvement in the effort to designate the Okefenokee Swamp as a wilderness area. Neuhauser talks about the organization of the Georgia Conservancy and lists members who were on the board during his time as director.

Keywords: Charlie Wharton; Clean Water Act; Congressman Bill Stuckey; Don Scott; Eugene Odum; Georgia Coastal Marshlands Protection Act; National Wilderness Preservation Area; Reed Harris; Senator Herman Talmadge; University of Georgia (UGA); Wilderness Area Designation; mining

00:20:01 - Imposing regulations on paper mills / Protecting Cumberland Island

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Partial Transcript: In terms of which issues you took on...

Segment Synopsis: Neuhauser explains how the Georgia Conservancy determined issue saliency. He shares a story of how he used his contacts as director to prevent a company from building a marina on St. Simons Island in the 1980's. Neuhauser then talks about his work to enforce odor limits on paper mills and his work in the protection of Cumberland Island's beaches and wilderness.

Keywords: Alfred Jones; Army Corp of Engineers; Rand Wentworth; St. Simons Island; Union Camp; coastal barrier protection; pulp mills

00:26:38 - Georgia barrier island designations / Gray's Reef

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Partial Transcript: One interesting fact you had shared...

Segment Synopsis: Neuhauser speculates on the motivation behind Alfred Jones's (owner of the private resort Sea Island) involvement in the preservation of Cumberland Island. Nauhaser then explains how the Georgia Conservancy chose zoning categories for Georgia Barrier Islands. Neuhauser talks about his work for the protection of Gray's Reef.

Keywords: Alfred Jones; Coastal Zone Management; Cumberland Island; Georgia Conservancy; Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary; Jane Yarn; Jekyll Island; Jimmy Carter

00:34:05 - The discovery of right whales

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Partial Transcript: The calving grounds, I think we...

Segment Synopsis: Neuhauser talks about the discovery of the endangered right whale's calving ground. He shares how the protection of the whale since then has helped to recover its population. Neuhauser explains the purpose behind the Coastal Zone Management Project.

Keywords: Cathy Sakas; Coastal Zone Management; Nancy Foster; Sapelo Island; World Wildlife Funds