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Interview with Fannie Jordan, July 12, 2013

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:27 - Family Background

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Partial Transcript: Fannie, we'd like to start...

Segment Synopsis: Fannie Jordan was born in Athens, Ga in 1922, where she lived for some time before moving to New York. She explains that she returned to Athens to live in her grandmother's house and discusses her parents' work and education. Jordan talks about graduating from Athens High and Industrial and attending Morris Brown College for a year.

Keywords: Atlanta, GA; Church Street (Athens, GA); Finley Street (Athens, GA); First AME Church; Hull Street (Athens, GA)

00:04:34 - School Years

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Partial Transcript: Um, what was the...

Segment Synopsis: Jordan recalls her transitions between schools from private to public school. She talks about being involved in basketball and Girl Scouts. Jordan also remembers her neighborhood being like family. She discusses buying her grandmother's house, which she has lived in for fifty years, and how it and the surrounding area has changed.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Reese Street (Athens, GA)

00:10:13 - Starting a Family/ Athens Community

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Partial Transcript: So, you said you've been...

Segment Synopsis: Jordan discusses raising her late-daughter in the same house she lives in now. She recalls her first marriage to her daughter's father when she was twenty, and then remarrying in her forties after he passed. Jordan names off some members of the local Black businesses and community.

Keywords: Athens High and Industrial; Church Street (Athens, GA); East Athens Elementary School; Milledge Ave (Athens, GA); Reese Street (Athens, GA); W Hancock Ave (Athens, GA)

00:19:16 - Athens in High School

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Partial Transcript: Um, I have a question...

Segment Synopsis: Jordan details leaving for New York in 1940, where she met her first husband, and then moving back to Athens in 1943. She discusses her high school friends and the few she has kept in touch with, as well as memories of Hot Corner.

Keywords: Athens, GA

00:25:17 - Civil Rights Movement/ Transport to School

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Partial Transcript: Um, so, you moved back to Athens...

Segment Synopsis: Jordan recalls her memories of the Civil Rights Movement. From her perspective, there wasn't much racial turmoil in Athens. She mentions walking to school with a group of students from the neighborhood most days and riding home on a horse.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Hot Corner (Athens); Reese Street (Athens); West Broad Street School

00:30:03 - Changes in Athens

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Partial Transcript: Any other changes...

Segment Synopsis: Jordan discusses the changes in Athens she has experienced. She explains the location of an old field where Athens High and Industrial's football team played. Jordan also shares both of her husbands' occupations and her current hobbies, which include reading and watching the news.

Keywords: Athens, GA; Belk; Downtown Athens; New York; Pope St (Athens); S Finley St (Athens); W Hancock Ave (Athens)