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Interview with Phil Wise, January 28, 2015

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:43 - Growing up with Jimmy Carter

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Partial Transcript: Well you've had a long and cordial relationship with the Carters, being from Plains and growing up there.

Segment Synopsis: Wise discusses growing up in Plains, Georgia with the future United States President Jimmy Carter. Wise talks about working in Carter's office while he was the Governor of Georgia and being hired in 1974 to help with Carter's presidential campaign.

Keywords: Florida; George Wallace; Iowa; New Hampshire; South Carolina

00:07:37 - Presidential election of 1976

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Partial Transcript: Well he certainly brought a new brand of politics to the country.

Segment Synopsis: Wise talks about working on the campaign for Jimmy Carter's presidential election in 1976. He says that it was a great way for him to get to know his country, and that he enjoyed seeing the rest of the country and learning more about southern politicians. Wise also discusses traveling to Europe after the election, and then returning to become Carter's Appointments Secretary.

Keywords: Gerald Ford; Hank Aaron; OPEC; Tim Craft; Watergate; transition team

00:17:47 - Typical day for the president / Issues President Carter faced

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Partial Transcript: What is a typical day for a president of the United States?

Segment Synopsis: Wise describes what the typical day was like for President Carter, and how he balanced his personal life with his presidency. Wise also discusses some of the issues President Carter faced during his term such as the Iran hostage crisis and some economic problems.

Keywords: Camp David; Ronald Reagan; congress; embargo; national security; oil prices

00:23:55 - Hamilton Jordan / 1980 election

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Partial Transcript: Before we get to the election of 1980, I want to ask you about Hamilton Jordan.

Segment Synopsis: Wise discusses working with Hamilton Jordan, who ran Carter's campaign's for governor and for president. Wise also talks about how Carter was not focused on winning the reelection in 1980, but was instead focused on more important issues such as the Iran Hostage Crisis and the Panama Canal treaties.

Keywords: chief of staff; economic issues; legislative issues; primary

00:28:24 - The Carter Center

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Partial Transcript: So what happened after that, President Carter was not reelected and it was a sad time for most Georgians and I'm sure for you. What did you do after that?

Segment Synopsis: Wise talks about moving back to Georgia after Carter unsuccessful reelection campaign in 1980. He talks about helping plan the Carter Center, which is a non-profit organization in partnership with Emory University. Wise discusses the Carter Center's mission of "waging peace, fighting disease, and building hope".

Keywords: Bill Fagey; CDC; Frank Jones; George Busbee; Spring Street; guinea worm; malaria; river blindness

00:35:39 - Working for Lawton Chiles

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Partial Transcript: So you've been here the whole period?

Segment Synopsis: Wise discusses leaving the Carter Center for ten years to work for Lawton Chiles. Chiles was a U.S Senator from Florida who left to be treated for depression, and then went on to be the Governor of Florida. Wise also talks about meeting his wife and moving back to Atlanta where he regained his position at the Carter Center.

Keywords: 1981; Orlando, Florida; prozac