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Interview with Andrew Young, July 28, 2014

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:35 - Failure to address poverty

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Partial Transcript: Well, it's been 50 years since the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act.

Segment Synopsis: Young explains how economic reform is necessary to continue helping the black community. He further explains that while the civil rights movement focused on helping blacks politically and socially, it failed to address the issue of poverty.

Keywords: Freedmen's Bank; March on Washington; New Deal; Poor People's Campaign; War on Poverty; land

00:07:12 - Bretton Woods Agreement and the national economy

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Partial Transcript: But I happened to go to Congress four years after Dr. King was killed, and I was on the Banking Committee.

Segment Synopsis: Young tells of how he was on the House Banking Committee when the Nixon administration decided to repeal the Bretton Woods agreement. He describes the economic instability the decision caused and how it hurt the poor, especially by increasing education costs.

Keywords: 1973 oil crisis; Changing Fortunes; Arthur Burns; Banking Committee; Congress; George Schultz; Gold Standard; House of Representatives; Jimmy Carter; Nixon administration; Paul Volcker; national debt

00:18:36 - Keynesian economic theory

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Partial Transcript: When I became mayor, I never forgot the fact that I was in that Banking Committee meeting.

Segment Synopsis: Young describes how his experience on the Banking Committee benefited him in his later endeavors. In one anecdote, Young remembers looking up John Maynard Keynes after hearing about him through the committee, and beginning to research Keynesian theory in economics.

Keywords: Bretton Woods agreement; Holocaust; John Maynard Keynes; Nixon administration; World War I; World War II; peace; terrorism

00:22:08 - Financing Atlanta as mayor

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Partial Transcript: Because I learned from it, when I got to be mayor, I realized that there was no money in Washington, and there wasn't any money that Atlanta was going to get outta the state capitol.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about how his experience on the House Banking Committee allowed him to finance projects in Atlanta by convincing companies to invest in the city. He details how he worked with multiple flight companies to expand the airport and, in turn, employ Atlanta citizens.

Keywords: Charlie Loudermilk; Delta Airlines; Dutch Institutional Holding Company; Ivan Allen; Lufthansa; Maynard Jackson; Perimeter Mall; Phipps Plaza; Ritz-Carlton; William Hartsfield

00:31:33 - Ambassador to the United Nations

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Partial Transcript: Carter wanted me to go to the U.N. because of my relationship with Dr. King.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about his stint as an ambassador for the United Nations under Jimmy Carter. He explains that his diplomatic success was due to his willingness to listen to others. He also addresses the only time he had to veto a resolution on the U.N. Security Council.

Keywords: Averall Harriman; Camp David Accords; Coretta Scott King; Egypt; Israel; Palestinians; Panama; Panama Canal; Paul Newman; Robert Redford; SALT I; South Africa; State Department; human rights

00:44:52 - Hosting the Centennial Olympic Games

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Partial Transcript: For instance, the Olympics. The Olympics came directly out of the United Nations.

Segment Synopsis: Young tells of how his connections as ambassador to the U.N. allowed him to get the Olympic Games to be hosted in Atlanta. He then details how he convinced various companies and organizations to sponsor the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta so the games would not cost any taxpayer money.

Keywords: "Public Purpose Capitalism"; ALTA; Bank of America; Billy Payne; Hartsfield-Jackson Airport; Hugh McColl; Maggie Womack; Peachtree Road Race; Shirley Franklin

00:57:40 - Race for governor / Helping farmers

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Partial Transcript: Let's not forget your race for governor in 1990.

Segment Synopsis: Young briefly touches upon his candidacy for governor of Georgia in 1990, remarking that Zell Miller's success allowed Georgia to prosper through the HOPE scholarship. Young then remarks how he wishes he could give back to the farmers that supported the civil rights movement. He proposes a method of processing duckweed that he believes could be beneficial for these farmers.

Keywords: Georgia Lottery; Georgia university system; Randolph Blackwell; Zell Miller; education

01:04:54 - Relationship with Jimmy Carter

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Partial Transcript: Let's talk for a minute, if you will, about your relationship with Jimmy Carter.

Segment Synopsis: Young recounts his relationship with Jimmy Carter, contrasting Carter and himself. He then explains why he supported Carter so heavily for president.

Keywords: Bob Steed; Boston, Massachusetts; California; campaigning; discipline

01:08:56 - The coming generation and technology

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Partial Transcript: We live in a very troubled world, you know that better than anybody.

Segment Synopsis: Young gives his opinion that the world will prosper because of technology equipping the next generations to be able to respond. He says that people should not be afraid to use their wealth to help others, as it will only make the world a better place.

Keywords: Ebola; Information Age; iPad; printing press; tax haven