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Interview with Jane Kidd, February 25, 2010

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:34 - Candidate recruitment and fundraising

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Partial Transcript: We want to talk about your tenure as chairperson of the party.

Segment Synopsis: Kidd tells of the Democratic Party's trouble in recruiting candidates to run for local offices in recent years and her actions to respond to these difficulties She also talks about the manners in which Democrats while being the minority state party.

Keywords: Citizens United v. FEC; Andrew Young; Carl Sanders; Georgia House of Representatives; Georgia Senate; GeorgiaGovernor; Jefferson-Jackson dinner; John Lewis; Max Cleland; Obama's 2008 campaign; Richard Russell; Shirley Franklin; Tim Kaine; Tommy Irvin; campaign finance laws; organization

00:09:04 - Running for Georgia Democratic Party chairman

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Partial Transcript: Le's talk for a minute about your moving into the chairmanship.

Segment Synopsis: Kidd explains the unusual circumstances surrounding her run in 2007 for chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party, due to the governor no longer being a Democrat. She details her path in politics that led her to run for the position, including experiences as a campaign manager and as a state representative.

Keywords: Don Johnson; Lavonia, Georgia; county parties; district chairman; grassroots campaigning; minority caucuses

00:15:36 - Democratic losses in 2002 and reapportionment

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Partial Transcript: 2002 was not a very good year for Georgia Democrats.

Segment Synopsis: Kidd explains the losses the Democrats suffered in 2002, crediting the loss on a number of factors, such as the state flag controversy that occurred during Gov. Roy Barnes' administration (1999-2003). She then explains how gerrymandering has adversely affected Democrats since they lost the majority, and stresses the importance of a Democratic win for governor in (then-upcoming) 2010 election to ensure that partisan redistricting does not happen again.

Keywords: "flaggers"; 2010 Census; Clarke County Democratic Committee; Sonny Purdue; grassroots campaigning; state flag; teachers

00:24:42 - "Liberal" party / Race as a factor in Georgia politics

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Partial Transcript: It's generally felt in Georgia- well, I guess also in the South- that to be a Democrat is to be a liberal, and to be a Republican is to be a conservative.

Segment Synopsis: Kidd says that even though the Georgia Democratic Party has a diverse range of views, including many moderates and conservatives, the party is still labelled as "liberal", which she credits for the shift in Georgians away from the party. Kidd then ponders how large of a factor race plays in Georgia politics, with her saying that while racial diversity in Georgia is increasing and Obama's near-win in Georgia in 2008 showed promise, there is still progress to be made.

Keywords: African Americans; Asians; Hispanics; Metro Atlanta area; National Democratic Party; blue dog Democrats; labor unions; limited government

00:32:17 - Democratic National Committee / Voter identification

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Partial Transcript: Let's talk for a minute about the relationship between the Georgia Democratic Party and the National Democratic Committee.

Segment Synopsis: Kidd lists some of the issues between the Georgia Democrats and the national Democratic Party, while also stating that the national party is taking measures to support Democrats in Georgia. Kidd then gives her opinions on the voter identification requirements in Georgia, believing that the restrictions on acceptable identification disproportionately affect the poor and the elderly.

Keywords: Cathy Cox; Georgia Secretary of State; Tim Kaine; chairman of the Democratic National Committee; driver's licenses; electronic voting

00:39:28 - Party registration and Independents

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Partial Transcript: The number of independent voters in Georgia seems to be increasing.

Segment Synopsis: Kidd explains that party registration in Georgia would not be of any benefit in Georgia, since all it would do is keep people who avoid party labels from voting. She then addresses how she believes ethical issues with Georgia politicians could be solved through increased disclosure and transparency.

Keywords: Colleagues; John Goldsmith; Lyndon Johnson; Richard Russell; crossover voting; negotiation; open primaries; partisanship; sunshine laws

00:46:16 - Legacy of the Georgia Democrats

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Partial Transcript: Do you think it would help if Georgia Democrats more fully understood their legacy?

Segment Synopsis: Kidd emphasizes the importance of the legacy of Georgia Democrats from the past, not only in electing Democrats in the modern day, but also for maintaining Democratic control in Georgia for so long through strong leadership. She then says she is pleased with the Georgia Democrats' unity and return as a political power.

Keywords: 2008 Presidential election; Carl Sanders; Christian right; Civil Rights Act of 1964; George Busbee; Lyndon Johnson; Richard Russell; Roy Barnes

00:52:28 - Future political interests / Thoughts on 2008 senator race

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Partial Transcript: Well, your term as party chair will be ending at the end of this year.

Segment Synopsis: Kidd details her plans for her political career, discounting running for the United States Senate, but considering another term as party chairman. She also weighs in on the 2008 race for the United States Senate between Saxby Chambliss and Jim Martin, with her concluding that even though Martin failed to win, it showed promise for the Democrats.

Keywords: fair tax; general election; runoff