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Interview with Cynthia Wright, February 17, 2010

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:07 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: I'm Bob Short, and this is Reflections on Georgia Politics, sponsored by Young Harris College and the Richard B Russell Library at the University of Georgia.

Segment Synopsis: Bob Short introduces the interview.

00:00:34 - Early life / Interning for Senator Nunn

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Partial Transcript: From Tallahassee, the capitol of Florida, to Atlanta, the capitol of Georgia.

Segment Synopsis: Wright talks about her childhood in Tallahassee, Florida, and her education. She later talks about interning in Senator Nunn's office and working in the Peanut Brigade.

Keywords: Jimmy Carter; New Hampshire; Peanut Brigade; Sam Nunn; Wesleyan College; campaign; law school; librarian; politics; professor

00:03:12 - Carl Vinson Institute / Assistant Council to Governor Busbee

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Partial Transcript: Upon graduating from law school, you first served in the Carl Vinson Institute of Government in Athens.

Segment Synopsis: Wright talks about her work she did for the Carl Vinson Institute of Government in Athens, Ga. She later talks about being an attorney representing Governor Busbee.

Keywords: Attorney General; Busbee administration; Georgia Residential Finance Authority; Governor Busbee; Governor Sanders; Hank Huckaby; Troutman & Sanders; attorney; cell phone; law firm; legislative package

00:07:00 - Zell Miller / State Lottery

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Partial Transcript: When did you first meet Governor Zell Miller?

Segment Synopsis: Wright talks about her relationship with Zell Miller and what it was like to work as his legal aid. Wright elaborates on the State Education Lottery.

Keywords: Constitutional amendment; Georgia Residential Finance Authority; HOPE Scholarship; Zell Miller; amendment; legislation; lottery; pre-K program

00:16:09 - Miller administration accomplishments

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Partial Transcript: Let's talk about the HOPE Scholarships.

Segment Synopsis: Wright recollects on Zell Miller's accomplishments as Governor. Especially in the field of education.

Keywords: HOPE Scholarship; Legislative package; Zell Miller; crime; education; origin

00:18:25 - State court judge / Superior court judge

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Partial Transcript: And at that point, you left the administration and became a judge.

Segment Synopsis: Wright talks about her appointment to the state court in Fulton County. She later explains the difference in the court system, and she gives a brief explanation of how the legal system works.

Keywords: Fulton County; appointments; circuit; elections; legal system; state court; superior court

00:22:17 - Future goals / Closing reflections

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Partial Transcript: Well, what's ahead for Judge Wright?

Segment Synopsis: Wright talks about any future plans she may have. She also offers up any final reflections on her career in public service and the judicial branch.

Keywords: Georgia; Missouri plan; appointments; elections; electorate; funding; goals; judicial system