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Interview with Glenn Anthony, January 29, 2009

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:57 - Childhood and Education / Career

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Partial Transcript: Let’s talk about Glenn Anthony and Lenoir City, Tennessee.

Segment Synopsis: Anthony talks about his childhood and attending Florida State University. He later gives a brief overview of his career, first as a reporter and later as a lobbyist for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Forest Association.

Keywords: Florida State University; GI Bill; Lenoir City, Tennessee; Martin Luther King; Montgomery, Al; Oakridge, Tn; Rosa Parks; Stay and See Georgia; University of Tennessee; journalism

00:11:56 - Civil Rights Movement / Marvin Griffin

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Partial Transcript: Glenn, before we get too far away from it, let’s go back to Montgomery.

Segment Synopsis: Anthony recalls covering the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama and being friends with Martin Luther King, Jr. Short and Anthony talk a little bit about Governor Marvin Griffin and his time in office (1955-1959).

Keywords: Civil Rights Movement; Georgia Chamber of Commerce; Jorees; Martin Luther King Jr; Marvin Griffin; corruption

00:17:55 - UGA Integration / Carl Sanders

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Partial Transcript: Well, despite all of his trouble with corruption, Griffin turned out to be a fairly progressive Governor.

Segment Synopsis: Short and Anthony briefly discuss Governor Ernest Vandiver (1959-1963) and the integration of the University of Georgia. Anthony later talks about Governor Carl Sanders and how he was instrumental in getting professional sports in Georgia.

Keywords: Charlayne Hunter; Ernest Vandiver; Hamilton Holmes; University of Georgia; floor leader; integration; race relations; sports

00:23:34 - Lobbying

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Partial Transcript: Let's talk for a minute about lobbying.

Segment Synopsis: Anthony explains that honesty is an important trait in a good lobbyist. He also talks about his career as a lobbyist, and he gives the mechanics of how a lobbyist would work once a new bill was introduced.

Keywords: Colonel; Elliott Levitas; Georgia Chamber; Georgia Forest Association; Jimmy Carter; Lester Maddox; amendments; bills; business; business community; honesty; lobby; lobbying; representation; tiger

00:33:50 - Closing remarks

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Partial Transcript: I think I might have asked you this question, but I’d like to rephrase it and ask you this.

Segment Synopsis: Anthony closes the interview by talking about what makes a good lobbyist and a good public servant. He also talks about his accomplishments and disappointments.

Keywords: charateristics; lobbying; lobbyist; public servant