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Interview with Eunice Mixon, October 2, 2008

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:38 - Early life, family, and marriage

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Partial Transcript: I'd like to begin, if you don't mind, by asking you to tell us about yourself...

Segment Synopsis: Mixon recalls growing up into Tifton County in a family of farmers and going to town with her father and hearing the topic men talked about. She also describes getting married right after high school, becoming a farmer's wife, and being supported by her husband to pursue her higher education;

Keywords: Tift County, Georgia; Tifton, Georgia; agriculture; childhood; higher education; marriage

00:11:31 - George Busbee

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Partial Transcript: George Busbee called me at home after school.

Segment Synopsis: Mixon recalls being contacted by Governor George Busbee to chair Tift County and being persuaded to take on the responsibility. She also discusses her working relationship with other politicians, and how she applied her principles of teaching to her political leadership.

Keywords: George Busbee; Tift County, Georgia; political leadership; public office; public service

00:23:54 - 1974 Gubernatorial Election

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Partial Transcript: So election day came in 1974.

Segment Synopsis: Mixon recalls the events of the election between George Busbee and Lester Maddox. She describes staying up the night of the election from excitement. Mixon also discusses her negotiation for the establishment of a campaign headquarters in Tifton.

Keywords: George Busbee; Lester Maddox; campaign headquarters; gubernatorial election; political organization; slogan

00:33:22 - Runoff election

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Partial Transcript: Well this, then when we get in the runoff.

Segment Synopsis: Mixon discusses the preparation taken by Busbee supporters during the runoff election between Busbee and Maddox. She talks about the gender dynamics in the campaign organization, and how local politicians supported her in her position.

Keywords: George Busbee; gender discrimination; runoff election

00:43:49 - Fundraising for Busbee's campaign

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Partial Transcript: Albert and I went to Atlanta one weekend during the runoff...

Segment Synopsis: Mixon talks about her fundraising efforts for Busbee's campaign, and comments on the gendered campaign duties between men and women.

Keywords: campaign duties; fundraising; gendered responsibility

00:56:31 - Considering running for office

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Partial Transcript: Have you ever considered running for office yourself?

Segment Synopsis: Mixon talks about why she never ran for office, politicians she has met during her career, and being honored by the Chamber of Congress with the Athena award.

Keywords: Chamber of Congress; running for office

01:03:34 - Runoff / Serving on platform committee

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Partial Transcript: I was getting back into the runoff.

Segment Synopsis: Mixon recalls the events leading up to the night of the runoff election. She describes a cake in the shape of the Governor's mansion, and getting the local press to run a story on it. Mixon also discusses serving on Busbee's political platform committee after his election.

Keywords: local press coverage; platform committee; runoff election

01:13:15 - Achievements of Busbee Administration

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Partial Transcript: He did a lot of things for Georgia that needed to be done at the time.

Segment Synopsis: Mixon reflects on the achievements during Busbee's term as governor, including expanding international banking and travel to Georgia. Mixon also describes her cultural exchange experience of hosting a Japanese guest.

Keywords: Atlanta airport; Japan; agriculture exchange; banking; international flight

01:23:28 - Party politics in Georgia

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Partial Transcript: Let's talk for a minute about party politics in Georgia.

Segment Synopsis: Mixon discusses various factors that explain the Republican Party's rise to power in Georgia politics,issues of minority representation and division in the Democratic Party, and what role voters played in Roy Barne's defeat in his re-election campaign.

Keywords: Democratic Party; Republican Party; Roy Barnes; minority groups; party politics; party switching; representation

01:37:37 - Rise of the Republican Party in Georgia

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Partial Transcript: What do you think of the Democrats who switched to the Republican party...

Segment Synopsis: Mixon comments on the reasons behind the party-switching that occurred within the Democratic Party. She talks having to navigate the changing political tide in regards to her employment, and also describes her view on party loyalty.

Keywords: employment; party loyalty; party-switching; political tide

01:47:17 - Public service positions

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Partial Transcript: Let's talk for a minute about some of the other hats you wear.

Segment Synopsis: Mixon discusses her philosophy of political involvement and candidate support, recalls learning about segregation through a family conversation when she was young, and describes serving on the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

Keywords: Georgia Student Finance Commission; injustice; public service; segregation

01:57:39 - Retiring from public service / Conclusion

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Partial Transcript: But I sure lost that Hope scholarship in style.

Segment Synopsis: Mixon talks about not being reappointed to the Georgia Student Finance Commission, her retirement, the scholarship created in her name at Abraham Baldwin College, and her subsequent work on the investigative panel of the state bar.

Keywords: Abraham Baldwin College; public service; retirement; scholarship; state bar