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Interview with Ned Young, June 2, 2008

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:57 - Introduction to Georgia Politics

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Partial Transcript: You know, we go back a long ways, all the way back to the Georgia Jaycees when you and I were, in fact, in the same chapter.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about his involvement in the Georgia Jaycees. This was his first exposure to Georgia politics. Young also talks about his involvement in Ellis Arnall's second election for governor.

Keywords: Ellis Arnall; Georgia; Georgia politics; Jaycees; Lester Maddox; Selma Alabama; Tennessee; gubernatorial election

00:06:00 - Gubernatorial Campaigns

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Partial Transcript: I think we need to talk for a minute about the roll of Jimmy Carter in that campaign because he later became Governor and President of the United States.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about working on Ellis Arnall's campaign for Governor. He talks about the strategies the campaign implemented. Young then shares the story of how he became involved in Lester Maddox's campaign.

Keywords: Bo Callaway; Ellis Arnall; Jimmy Carter; Lester Maddox; little peeps; little people; nomination; runoff

00:14:35 - Election day / Maddox administration

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Partial Transcript: Before we get to Election Day, Maddox versus Callaway, let’s talk for a minute about Write-In Georgia.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks for a minute about Write-in Georgia. This subsequently made neither candidate win the majority of votes, so the election had to be decided in the Supreme Court and General Assembly. Young also talks about Governor Maddox's administration.

Keywords: Bo Callaway; Johnny Cash; Lester Maddox; Long County; Ludowici; administration; general assembly; little people's day; prisoners; speed trap; tie

00:23:29 - Maddox as Lieutenant Governor

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Partial Transcript: So he decided to run for Lieutenant Governor against an incumbent governor and against a state representative who was well-known and well-financed.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about Lester Maddox's campaign for Lieutenant Governor. Also he reflects on Maddox's time as Lieutenant Governor. He and Carter were not on good terms during their tenure.

Keywords: George Busbee; House Bill 1; Jimmy Carter; Lieutenant Governor; Underground Atlanta; Zell Miller; campaign; campaign manager

00:27:44 - 1974 campaign

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Partial Transcript: Often, as Lieutenant Governor, Mr. Maddox was criticized for his shop in Underground Atlanta...

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about the 1974 Gubernatorial race between Lester Maddox and George Busbee. Young reflects on some of the problems Maddox faced during the election such as: Cassius Clay, not sticking to speeches, and the Pickrick resturant.

Keywords: Bert Lance; Cassius Clay; George Busbee; Lester Maddox; Underground Atlanta; pickrick resturant; press; show horse; work horse

00:34:43 - Maddox's early career

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Partial Transcript: Maddox was defeated.

Segment Synopsis: Young and Short talk about Lester Maddox's early career. They talk about his editorial, his run for mayor, the Pickrick restaurant, and his unsuccessful run for Lieutenant Governor.

Keywords: Atlanta; Lieutenant Governor; Underground Atlanta; Washington DC; bureaucracy; campaign; mayor; newpapers; pickrick

00:38:55 - 1971 Senate election / Working for Bill Stuckey

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Partial Transcript: Now let’s move a little bit further ahead to 1971 when President (Senator) Dick Russell passed away in Washington.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about his involvement in Bill Stuckey's unsuccessful run for the Senate.

Keywords: David Gambrell; Dick Russell; Richard Russell; Senate

00:44:39 - Senator Nunn's campaign

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Partial Transcript: Well, a couple of days later, [chuckling] I get a call from a fellow that I had been in the Jaycees with, a fellow by the name of Richard Ray who was at that time the Mayor of Perry, Georgia.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about working in Sam Nunn's campaign for the Senate.

Keywords: Earnest Vandiver; Fletcher Thompson; Richard Ray; Sam Nunn; candidate; endorsement; organization

00:57:10 - 1976 Presidential race

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Partial Transcript: In 1976, Lester Maddox for President opposing Jimmy Carter, former Governor of Georgia, and President Gerald Ford.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about his involvement in Lester Maddox's Presidential Race in 1976. Maddox ran under the American Independent Party.

Keywords: 1976; American Independent Party; Governor Wallace; Jimmy Carter; Lester Maddox; President Gerald Ford; election; president

01:03:10 - Hamilton Jordan for Senate / Rise of Republican Party

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Partial Transcript: Ten years later, 1986, Hamilton Jordan for Senate.

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about his involvement in Hamilton Jordan's Senate campaign, and he talks about why it had failed. Young later shares his opinions on why the Republican party gained control in Georgia.

Keywords: Democratic party; Republican party; Tom Murphy; Wyche Fowler; national; party switching; political parties; voting

01:10:42 - Problems with Democratic Party / Issues among Georgia voters

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Partial Transcript: Do you agree that the charge that the state Democratic Party is too minority controlled and too close to organized labor?

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about the issues with the Democratic Party and how it had left room for the Republicans to take over. Young mentions how gasoline and the economy are the main issues Georgia's voters.

Keywords: Democratic party; Kentucky Fried Chicken; Republican party; corn; economy; gasoline; splinter; voters

01:14:47 - Favorite candidates

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Partial Transcript: Who was the easiest candidate you ever supported?

Segment Synopsis: Young talks about how Sam Nunn was his easiest candidate to work with. Young also offers some closing reflections on Lester Maddox.

Keywords: Lester Maddox; Sam Nunn; campaign; father-figure; politician