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Interview with Doug Barnard, May 28, 2008

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:44 - Early life and education

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Partial Transcript: We'd like to talk to you a little bit about your early life.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard talks about growing up in Augusta, Georgia, attending Mercer University, his early friendship with Carl Sanders, and his mother's work as county registrar.

Keywords: Augusta; Carl Sanders; Georgia; Mercer University; education; registrar

00:04:52 - Introduction to politics

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Partial Transcript: My introduction to politics was very interesting.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard discusses his starts in politics and the role that Carl Sanders played in it. He talk working as Sanders' Executive Secretary in the governor's office.

Keywords: Carl Sanders; executive secretary; government position; politics

00:12:37 - Work on Highway Board

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Partial Transcript: I'd like to have some position in the government.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard reflects on wanting to be more involved in government after his term as Sanders' executive secretary, and being appointed to the Highway Board. He talks about transportation projects he worked on.

Keywords: highway board; transportation

00:16:58 - Cracker Party / County unit system

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Partial Transcript: Would you mind going back and explaining to us the Cracker Party in Richmond County.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard talks about the Cracker Party political machine in Augusta, Gerogia, it's leading political member Roy Harris, and the party's decline following World War II. He also talks about the abolition of the county unit system in Georgia, and its affect on distribution of political power, and Sanders' election as governor.

Keywords: Cracker Party; Roy Harris; county unit system; local politics; political machine

00:26:02 - Creating a team in the governor's office

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Partial Transcript: Speaking of your job as Executive Secretary, you put together one of the finest teams that any Governor of Georgia has ever had.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard recalls the people he worked with in the Governor's Office, the process of assembling the new staff, and the close relationship between Sanders and Speaker of the House George T. Smith.

Keywords: Carl Sander; George T. Smith; Governor's office; appointments; leadership

00:32:14 - Carl Sanders' administration, campaign for re-election

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Partial Transcript: Tell us if you will some of the highlights that you feel were accomplished during Sanders' years.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard discusses Sanders' focus on education and business development while governor. He also talks about working as a campaign manager of Sanders' reelection campaign, Sanders' portrayal by the opposition, and mistakes made in running the campaign.

Keywords: Carl Sanders; Jimmy Carter; business development; campaign manager; education; governor race; reelection

00:43:19 - Running for U.S. Congress

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Partial Transcript: 1976, your genes from your mother came out, your friendship with Governor Sanders came out, and you ran for Congress.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard talks about deciding to run for Congress and support and opposition he received in the race. He mentions his appointment to the Banking Committee, amending the banking bill, and his near selection to the Appropriations Committee.

Keywords: Congress; Cracker Party; campaigning

00:54:43 - Reforming banking laws

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Partial Transcript: So, that left me the ranking member of the Commerce, Consumer and Monetary Affairs Subcommittee of Government Ops.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard talks about how he became appointed to the Commerce, Consumer and Monetary Affairs Subcommittee. He discusses his work on savings and loans regulation, IRS and Federal Reserve oversight, and the repeal of the Glass-Stiegel Bill and bank deregulation.

Keywords: Glass-Stiegel Bill; IRS; banking deregulation; oversight; repeal of law

01:04:49 - Boll Weevil Coalition

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Partial Transcript: Were you a Boll Weevil?

Segment Synopsis: Barnard discusses the formation of a coalition of conservative Southern Democrats, called the Boll Weevil Coalition. He talks about the coalition voting against party lines on Reagan's Tax Incentive Bill,

Keywords: Ronald Reagan; Southern democrats; conservatism; tax incentive bill

01:10:50 - Relationship with House Speakers

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Partial Transcript: During the eight terms you were in Congress, you served with three Speakers.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard remembers being asked to preside over his first ever session in Congress. He talks about working closely with Speaker of the House Jim Wright.

Keywords: Jim Wright; Speaker of the House; Tip O'Neill; Tom Foley

01:20:54 - Rise of Republican Party in Georgia

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Partial Transcript: How do you account for the growth of the Republican Party in Georgia?

Segment Synopsis: Barnard discusses the reasons behind the growth of the Republican Party in Georgia, and the South in general. He describes his 1990 re-election campaign and the strong opposition he faced from the Republican Party. Barnard also discusses how the voter base, issues, and reputation of the Georgia Democratic Party has changed.

Keywords: Republican party; Rise of the Republican Party; conservatism; liberalism; minority representation; party switch; voter base

01:30:38 - Reflecting on career and legacy

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Partial Transcript: Getting back to Doug Barnard.

Segment Synopsis: Barnard reflects on his career highlights and regrets. He describes his involvement in community service in retirement, including his work with the University Health Care Foundation at the Medical College of Georgia and the Wounded Warrior Project in Augusta, Georgia.

Keywords: Augusta, Georgia; Medical College of Georgia; Wounded Warrior Project; retirement