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Interview with Nancy Schaefer, April 9, 2008

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:08 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: I’m Bob Short and this is Reflections on Georgia Politics, sponsored by the Institute for Continuing Learning, Young Harris College and the Russell Library at the University of Georgia.

Segment Synopsis: Bob Short introduces Senator Nancy Schaefer.

Keywords: Nancy Schaefer

00:00:30 - Childhood and familiy

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Partial Transcript: We go back a long way.

Segment Synopsis: Schaefer talks about her childhood and family in Clayton, Ga.

Keywords: Clayton, Ga; Georgia; Lamar Smith; Mercer University; Rabun County; University of Georgia; Will Smith; family; senator

00:03:21 - The 50th District / Child Protective Services

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Partial Transcript: You’re a Senator now from the 50th District.

Segment Synopsis: Schaefer talks about her district and all of the wonderful things about it. She also talks about the issues her constituents are interested in. She then begins to talk about the issues with the Child Protective Services.

Keywords: Banks County; Child Protective Services; Franklin County; Habersham County; Hart County; Rabun County; Stephens County; Towns County; White County; adoption; corruption; cultural disintegration; issues; mountains

00:07:51 - Family Concerns organization

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Partial Transcript: Before we get into politics, let me ask you if you will talk to us a little bit about your Family Concerns organization, and your work worldwide on those issues.

Segment Synopsis: Schaefer talks about her organization called Family Concerns. It is a Christian conservative organization that tries to advocate family rights and issues. She briefly talks about her own large family.

Keywords: Family Concerns; United Nations; abortion; constitutional liberties; family; homosexuality; pregnancy center; women's issues

00:18:00 - Reorganization of the Department of Human Resources / Education issues

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Partial Transcript: Well, that begs a question. Reorganization occurred many years ago, and during that process, several agencies were slapped together in what is now the Department of Human Resources.

Segment Synopsis: Schaefer talks about the lumping of the Department of Human Resources. She expresses the need for real reform in the Child Protective Services. Schaefer also talks about the poor state of education in the State of Georgia.

Keywords: Child Protective Services; Department of Human Resources; children's rights; competition; dropouts; education; high schools

00:21:54 - First campaign / Decision to be a Republican

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Partial Transcript: Well, now let’s reflect a little bit on politics.

Segment Synopsis: Schaefer reflects on her first campaign, and she talks about the circumstances that led to her campaign for Mayor of Atlanta. She also talks about her decision to join the Republican party, and how the parties have shifted over the years.

Keywords: Atlanta; Democratic Party; President Reagan; Republican Party; Rise of the Republican Party; candidate; mayor; morals; political parties

00:25:24 - Race for Lieutenant Governor / Political future

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Partial Transcript: Well, you were successful in 1994 of securing the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor.

Segment Synopsis: Schaefer talks about her campaign for Lieutenant Governor against Pierre Howard. She and Bob discuss her Congressional campaign

Keywords: Congress; Lieutenant Governor; Pierre Howard; Republican Party; campaign; committees

00:28:25 - Successes and Disappointments / Looking ahead

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Partial Transcript: Think for a moment now and tell me your -- the brightest moment in your political career.

Segment Synopsis: Schaefer talks about her accomplishments and disappointments in her career. She mentions how being elected to the State Senate was a high moment in her life, and not passing all of her bills was probably her low point. Schaefer answer's Bob's hypothetical questions about her future whether it would be serving in Washington DC or going back home.

Keywords: committees; congress; disappointments; economic development; election; high; hypothetical; low; tourism

00:34:33 - Rise of the Republican Party / Closing reflections

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Partial Transcript: Senator, what, in your opinion, has caused this great surge towards Republicanism in Georgia?

Segment Synopsis: Schaefer explains why she thinks that Georgia's politics shifted towards Republicanism. Schaefer ends the interview by saying how she wants to be remembered in the future.

Keywords: Georgia; Republicanism; Rise of the Republican Party; grandmother; mother; party registration; polls; reflections; shift; social issues