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Interview with Mack Mattingly, February 15, 2007

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:08 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: Let me welcome you to this session of the series of Reflections on Georgia Politics.

Segment Synopsis: The male speaker gives a brief introduction to the interview. He also introduces the interviewer, Bob Short, and the interviewee, Mack Mattingly.

00:01:53 - Early life

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Partial Transcript: And we want to start off, if we may, by asking you to give a little bit about yourself.

Segment Synopsis: Mattingly talks about his life and family in Indiana. He also talks about his education, military career, and post-military career.

Keywords: Air Force; Anderson, Indiana; Arvin Industires; IBM; Indiana University; Korean War; ocs; sales

00:09:53 - Introduction to politics

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Partial Transcript: Well, going from college, from people to politics -- because politics is people -- how did you get involved with politics to begin with?

Segment Synopsis: Mattingly shares how he was became involved with politics in Georgia. He mentions working on Barry Goldwater's campaign and all of the other events that lead up to his decision to run for the Senate in 1980.

Keywords: Barry Goldwater; Bo Callaway; Jimmy Carter; Republican party; Republicanism; political parties; state chairman

00:16:21 - 1980 Senatorial campaign

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Partial Transcript: Well, let’s talk about 1980.

Segment Synopsis: Mattilngly talks about the 1980 Senatorial election. He mentions how the changing demographics led to his successful election.

Keywords: Atlanta Constitution; Herman Talmadge; IBM; Republican party; debate; demographics

00:24:14 - Senate career / Space Defense Initiative / Line-item veto

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Partial Transcript: So you went to Washington in a class that became a majority for the first time in -- I believe -- nearly 20 years.

Segment Synopsis: Mattingly talks about some of his committee assignments in the Senate, and he mentions some of the policies that he was most interested in such as tax, trade policies, and line-item veto. Mattingly later discusses the impact of 'Star Wars' (Space Defense Initiative) and the impact it had on the US' international relations.

Keywords: Berlin Wall; NATO; President Reagan; Ronald Reagan; appropriations committee; committees; line-item veto; media; space defense initiative; star wars; trade policies

00:38:47 - Service to NATO / NATO and the War on Terrorism / Immigration

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Partial Transcript: Well, let’s talk for a minute about your service after the Senate.

Segment Synopsis: Mattingly talks about his time working for NATO and the national defense issues surrounding the Cold War and the War on Terror. Then Mattingly discusses his opinions on how to combat terrorism and illegal immigration.

Keywords: Belgium; Brussels; Defense Department; Islam; NATO; area defense; armaments; diversity; illegal immigration; immigration; terrorism; war on terrorism

00:52:03 - Opinions on current political climate

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Partial Transcript: What were your reactions to the latest elections?

Segment Synopsis: Mattingly gives some of his opinions on current events such as the Democratic majority in Congress, Middle Eastern Affairs, and the war in Iraq.

Keywords: Afghanistan; Iran; Iraq; Middle East; budget; conflict; congress; elections; legislature; spending; war

00:58:36 - Hypothetical Presidency / Arms distribution

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Partial Transcript: I don't mean to put you on the spot, but...

Segment Synopsis: Mattingly talks about what he would do if he hypothetically became the President. He discusses the issues with nuclear arms limitations and arms distribution.

Keywords: Afghanistan; Germany; Iran; Libya; Pakistan; President Obama; Russia; Seychelles; Somalia; arms; arms dealers; hypothetical; negotiations; nuclear nonproliferation treaty; port; reactors; weapons

01:03:05 - Seychelles

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Partial Transcript: Tells us about the Seychelles

Segment Synopsis: Mattingly gives a brief geography and history lesson about they Seychelles. He also talks about his involvement with drafting a constitution.

Keywords: British; Catholic; Catholicism; Cubans; Marxist; Pope; Seychelles; archipelago; colony; constitution; coup d'etat; elections; equator; french; property rights; rule of law; soviets; voting

01:09:18 - Ports Authority / Closing reflections

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Partial Transcript: So then, for all practical purposes ended your political career except for the fact that you run the Ports Authority.

Segment Synopsis: Mattingly talks about the circumstance on how he obtained the position at the Ports Authority for Georgia. Mattingly closes with some final reflections on his life and his political career.

Keywords: Brunswick; Georgia Ports Authority; Indiana; Jekyll Island; Kennesaw State University; Mercedes; Ports Authority; Savannah; Sonny Perdue; St Simons Island; Strom Thurmond; fundraising; political finance; ports; shipping