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Interview with Erle Cocke, Jr., January 16, 1985

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:08 - Overview of education and career

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Erle Cocke Jr....

Keywords: American Legion; Boy Scouts; Congress; UN; World Bank; board of regents; treaties; trustees

00:09:02 - Military experiences / Support throughout Richard Russell's political career

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Partial Transcript: I think from my experiences in prison camp, that I appreciate the knowledge of education as much as any single factor...

Keywords: Board of Regents; Senator George; campaigns; elections; service

00:23:10 - Cocke's other employers / 1948 election / Dixiecrat walkout

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Partial Transcript: I stayed involved in the '38 campaign for Senator George.

Keywords: 1948 campaign; Democratic National Convention; Democratic Party; George Wallace; Langford; Senator George; Southern Senators; States Rights Democratic Party; Talmadge; Truman; Walter Reed

00:32:48 - Senator Russell's speeches / 1952 election

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Partial Transcript: He'd been talking to the United States Senate for almost twenty years, and the biggest problem was to get him back into a campaign environment.

Keywords: American Legion; Harry Truman; Pat Brown; speechmaking

00:44:58 - Senator Russell's voting record / Russell's personal life

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Partial Transcript: He was certainly in control of so much information...

Keywords: health; independent voting; marriage; party line; personality; senate votes; whips

00:54:09 - Russell's power of persuasion / Campaigning with Russell

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Partial Transcript: What is the earliest incident you that you recall him sharing with you about his speech training?

Keywords: Christianity; campaign; leadership; preparation; religion; staff