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Interview with Ina Russell Stacy, June 28, 1980

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:05 - Senator Russell's early life: family home, education, and social life

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Partial Transcript: Would you mind telling me how this house has changed over the years?

Keywords: Athens; Gordon Institute; Lucy Cobb; Phi Kappa; Roosevelt; University of Georgia; Winder; dancing; entertainment; farm; friends; hunting; land; parents; property; school; siblings; tutors

00:12:38 - The Russells' domestic servants / Priming the children for success

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Partial Transcript: Do you recall anything, you mentioned going to Montreal, on you say it was a business trip?

Keywords: Barnes family; Quarterman; Richard Russell, Sr.; class; housekeepers; maids; parenting; wealth

00:21:25 - The Russells' media and political sources / Mr. and Mrs. Russell

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Partial Transcript: Well, tell me. What newspapers, what magazines did you have in the home?

Keywords: Annapolis; Richard B. Russell, Sr.; University of Georgia; population

00:30:27 - Senator Russell's leadership

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Partial Transcript: I mean did he have much of a temper?

Keywords: Lyndon Johnson; Vietnam; civil rights; dixiecrats; integrity; southern bloc; southern senators; whip

00:37:28 - Russell's friends in his later life

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Partial Transcript: Now you were in Washington for a good bit of his career, weren't you?

Keywords: Clair Harris; Frank Scarlett; Lyndon Johnson; Robert Lee Russell Jr.; Saltonstall; Smathers; Symington; staff

00:48:47 - Inquiring about Russell's childhood contacts from Winder

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Partial Transcript: I don't suppose there's anyone who you could recall that is still alive from his boyhood who was outside the family.

00:57:01 - Russell family dynamics / Gender and race issues

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember any other incidents that might have led to a whipping from your mother?

Keywords: 1906 Atlanta race riot; Ina Dillard Russell; KKK; Ku Klux Klan; family; gender roles; mother; segregation; servants; welfare; women's rights

01:07:43 - Richard and Ina's travels and work in Washington, D.C. / Richard Russell's personality

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Partial Transcript: Do you have any--I asked you about Teddy Roosevelt. Do you have any recollection of your father or your brothers' attitudes toward Woodrow Wilson?

Keywords: American Legion Convention; Veteran's Administration; civil service; clerical work; humor; introversion; memory; sarcasm; self-discipline; teaching

01:17:32 - Russell family travels / Women working in Washington / Richard and Ina's Washington social life

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Partial Transcript: Well, you give the impression that, although the community that you lived in as children was very isolated, the family was very close and didn't in terms of playing and so forth, didn't really mix all that much with people outside.

Keywords: New York; president pro tempore; teaching