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Interview with Barboura G. Raesly, Part 2, June 6, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:00 - The Russell family

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Partial Transcript: At 2:25 on the afternoon of Thursday, 21st of January, 1971, at the age of 73, a man died.

Keywords: House of Representatives; Richard Brevard Russell, Sr.; Winder; character; family; personality

00:05:28 - Governor Russell's reorganization of the Georgia government / Russell's tough runs for U.S. Senate

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Partial Transcript: So let me get on to his policies while he was governor, because this all came about towards the end of the twenties

Keywords: Board of Regents; Charles Robert Crisp; Eugene Talmadge; Great Depression; Hugh Peterson [Sr.]; University System of Georgia; William J. Harris; economy; judiciary; opponents; reorganization; reputation

00:13:48 - Russell's view of FDR / World War II

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Partial Transcript: To go back to the second man you mentioned, Franklin D. Roosevelt, now Russell was one of the men who was a backer of Roosevelt's initial presidential nomination by the Democratic Party.

Keywords: Japan; Manhattan project; New Deal; SCOTUS; Senate Naval Affairs Committee; Supreme Court; Truman; WWII; court packing; economy; isolationism; lend-lease; military

00:22:31 - The end of World War II / Relieving General MacArthur

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Partial Transcript: To go back to the end of the European war, rather than the Asian section of the war...

Keywords: Armed Services Committee; Berlin; Douglas A. MacArthur; Eisenhower plan; communism

00:28:41 - Vietnam / The Cuban Missile Crisis / Power in the Middle East

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Partial Transcript: So, by this time we've got Russell on the Armed Services Committee, which meant that, of course, he was intimately concerned with American military policy.

Keywords: Cold War; Indochina; Kennedy; United Nations; communism; domino theory; foreign policy; proxies

00:37:03 - Russell's work on Senate military and agricultural committees / On Russell's presidential aspirations

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Partial Transcript: Now, he stayed with the Armed Services Committee until the time of his death. He wasn't chairman throughout, though, was he?

Keywords: Democratic National Convention; Fort Benning; Senate Agriculture Appropriations; Senate Appropriations Committee; nominations; president pro tempore; rural electrification program

00:44:26 - Opposition to the Civil Rights Amendment

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Partial Transcript: To go on to something slightly different, in 1964 Russell led the eighty-three day filibuster against the Civil Rights Amendment.

Keywords: LBJ; Lyndon Johnson; Southern Senators; civil disobedience; constitutional law; quorum; race riots

00:54:13 - Russell's environmentalism / The Warren Commission report

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Partial Transcript: In many ways Russell was a man many, many years ahead of his time.

Keywords: Connally; Johnson; Kennedy; LBJ; Lee Harvey Oswald; Supreme Court; assassination; conservation; ecology; investigation

01:01:38 - Russell's "political machine" and contributions

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Partial Transcript: Could we look back over the senator's just over thirty-eight years in office?

Keywords: "The Citadel"; Lockheed; cotton parity; rural electrification; school lunch; tariffs

01:07:40 - Working as Russell's personal secretary

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Partial Transcript: To move directly off the senator's own career, I'd like to, just the next few minutes, talk to you about your association with him.

Keywords: character; integrity; state pride

01:13:08 - Russell as a traveler and historian / Russell's relationship with Madame Chiang Kai-chek

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Partial Transcript: In the course of his many campaigns and, of course, in his work with the Armed Services Committee and the Agriculture Appropriations Committee he must have traveled considerably...

Keywords: Chiang Kai-chek; Soong Mei-ling

01:21:02 - Russell's personal life

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Partial Transcript: We haven't actually mentioned about Senator Russell's private life at all, his hobbies.

Keywords: baseball; dating; emphysema; golf; health