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Interview with Allen Ellender, April 30, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:00 - Experiences on the Senate with Richard Russell

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Partial Transcript: It is April 30, 1971.

Keywords: Civil Rights; Senate Appropriations Committee; Senator Thomas Connally; Southern Caucus; Subcommittee on Agriculture; Subcommittee on Defense; conservationism; constitutional rights; filibuster; parliamentary law; state rights

00:09:53 - First experiences with filibustering

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Partial Transcript: Senator Ellender, that was a very good opening statement on your part.

Keywords: Civil Rights; Senator Alden Barkley; Senator Theodore Bilbo; Senator Thomas Connally; Southern Caucus; Southern bloc; poll taxes; states' rights; voter qualifications

00:16:53 - Richard Russell's as leader of the filibuster

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Partial Transcript: That was quite an accomplishment, Senator.

Keywords: Civil Rights; John McClellan; John Stennis; Lister Hill; Senate roll call; Southern Caucus; Southern bloc; cloture; filibuster teams; quorum

00:27:20 - Civil Rights

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Partial Transcript: Thirty eight years is a long time for anyone to remain in the Senate as Senator Russell did.

Keywords: Civil Rights Act of 1964; Senator Milton Young; Southern bloc; Supreme Court; U.S. Constitution; filibuster; parliamentary procedures; states' rights; voting rights

00:36:24 - Traveling for the Senate Appropriations Committee

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Partial Transcript: Senator, I know that your activities have taken you around the world seven times by air, and you've visited all the countries except Albania.

Keywords: Africa; Ebos; Fulanis; George Marshall; Marshall Plan; Nigeria; WW2; WWII; World War 2; World War II; foreign aid

00:43:47 - Richard Russell's proposal to subsidize the return of African Americans to Africa

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Partial Transcript: Senator Ellender, you talking about Africa and the capabilities of the blacks reminds me of something, and I know we have very limited time...

Keywords: Colonialism; Imperialism; Liberia; Senator George Aiken; Southern bloc

00:52:14 - Effects of Richard Russell's health on his work

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Partial Transcript: Senator, I know there are many questions I could ask you.

Keywords: Appropriations Bill; President pro tempore of the Senate; Senate Appropriations Committee