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Interview with Harold Herrin, April 14, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:04 - Russell and Herrin's early life

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Partial Transcript: This is Hugh Cates, April 14, 1971. I am in Winder, Georgia, in the home of Dr. Harold Herrin.

Keywords: Barnesville; Gordon Military Academy; National Guard; University of Georgia; Winder; college; education; school; university

00:04:42 - Russell's early campaigns and the drugstore "headquarters" / Russell's hobbies and contacts in Winder, Georgia

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Partial Transcript: Did you talk to him when he was running for the legislature, you know?

Keywords: Christianity; George H. Carswell; Georgia State Board of Pharmacy; Sunday School; church; dating; drugstore; faith; football; governor; gubernatorial; religion; sports

00:14:33 - The Great Depression / Senate election of 1932 / Presidential election of 1952 / Senate election of 1936

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember much about the depression years when he was governor?

Keywords: Charles Crisp; Eugene Talmadge; FDR; George Harris; Lawrence Camp; New Deal; Roosevelt; Senate; campaign; economy; governor; nomination

00:24:57 - Russell registers for the Army / Russell Sr. leaves the Methodist Church / The MacArthur-Truman hearings

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Partial Transcript: How about during World War II? Did you have any conversations at your drugstore about his feelings about the military?

Keywords: Armed Services Committee; Douglas MacArthur; Greenland; Methodism; Presbyterian; WWI; World War I; military

00:30:39 - The Cuban Missile Crisis / Russell's opinions on senators and presidents

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Partial Transcript: How about during the Cuban Crisis, or the U2 incident?

Keywords: Cuba; Hubert Humphrey; JFK; Kennedy; LBJ; Lyndon Johson; Robert Taft; Thomas Dewey; Truman; Warren Commission; communism; military

00:41:29 - Senator Russell's work for Winder, Georgia

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Partial Transcript: How about in the summer of 1964 when it looked like Russell was going to have opposition?

Keywords: Great American Award; Rohr corporation; farm; federal building; land; portrait; property

00:46:49 - Russell's health problems / Russell as Herrin's attorney / The telephone company / Land interests

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Partial Transcript: In later life, the senator's health was not too good.

Keywords: cancer; cigarettes; land; law; lungs; property; respiratory system; smoking; television

00:55:49 - Russell's ambition / Richard Russell III

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Partial Transcript: What would you say was his most outstanding personality trait, Dr. Herrin?

Keywords: Mark Dunahoo; character; dating; personality; tracheotomy