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Interview with D.W. Brooks, March 25, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:19 - Russell as a UGA law student / Increasing Great Depression income levels through the Cotton Producers Association

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Brooks, what do you recall about the University of Georgia student days, you in the school of agriculture and Dick Russell as a senior law student?

Keywords: Georgia legislature; Great Depression; Senator George; University of Georgia; agriculture; college; economics; economy; farming; leadership; personality; politics; poverty; research; science

00:08:30 - Russell's work for Southern farmers through the Agriculture Committee

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Partial Transcript: Was Russell on the agriculture committee at that time?

Keywords: Department of Agriculture; Great Depression; Henry Wallace; Senator Bankhead; appropriations; crop production; economics; economy; farming; influence; parity payments; poverty

00:22:14 - Russell's support for agricultural research / Russell's careful tracking of campaign finances / Characterizing Russell

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Brooks, how did Russell look upon research in agriculture?

Keywords: appropriations; bachelor; dating; donors; frugality; funding; fundraising; integrity; marriage; morality; mother; personality; singleness

00:34:21 - Russell's prospects for the presidency

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Partial Transcript: Would you mind commenting, Mr. Brooks, about Russell's association with the four presidents that you were advisor to?

Keywords: 1952; Democratic Party; candidacy; conservatism; influence; leadership; liberalism; minorities; nomination; race; voting record

00:46:34 - Considering work as Kennedy's Secretary of Agriculture

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Brooks, did Russell ever discuss with you the possibility of your becoming Secretary of Agriculture?

Keywords: Cotton Producers Association; Johnson; Kennedy; Phil Campbell; appointment

00:53:47 - Distrust of Mormon Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Brooks, before we began taping, you mentioned to me something about a little controversy with Senator Russell about Ezra (Taft) Benson; would you mind relating that again?

Keywords: Eisenhower; National Council of Farmer Cooperators; discrimination; economics; economy; religion

01:03:06 - Advising Russell on agricultural policy / Agricultural trade with the Soviet Union / Farmers' independence from the federal government

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Partial Transcript: I know before the taping, you indicated that on occasions Senator Russell would send a bill down to you to have it checked over, and you would change it...

Keywords: Cotton Producers Association; Department of Agriculture; Gold Kist; USSR; economics; hunger; legislation; legislative process; productivity; tariffs; theory

01:11:07 - The Cold War politics of alleviating famine / Russell and Madame Chiang Kai-Shek / Brooks's foreign exchange program for agricultural education

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Brooks, everyone knows about your personal efforts to help famine-threatened nations learn to feed themselves...

Keywords: China; Formosa; capitalism; communism; development; economics; food aid; foreign policy; foreign relations; income; ownership; poverty; productivity; research

01:21:42 - Georgia's broiler program / The Truman-MacArthur hearings

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Brooks, I know you object to federal tampering with all our production, and how did Russell feel about this?

Keywords: Douglas MacArthur; Korea; Truman; War Mobilization Board; state intervention; subsidies; trade

01:31:04 - The Chattanooga complex / Senator Herman Talmadge / Russell's contributions to the Kennedy-Johnson ticket

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Partial Transcript: You had said something to me about a government complex in Chattanooga (Tennessee), which was later leased and thereby saving a lot of money for the government.

Keywords: budget; campaign; industry; money

01:42:46 - Russell and Lyndon Johnson's relationship / Russell's advice during the Cuban Missile Crisis / Russell's Sunday school

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Partial Transcript: So, we might just get back to the Johnson thing right now if you have any other comments.

Keywords: Cold War; Kennedy; Khrushchev; Russia; Soviet Union; communism; influence; nomination; seniority; soft power