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Interview with Wayne Kelley, March 6, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:26 - Getting access to Russell / Russell's warmth and influence / Russell's preference for the Atlanta press

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Partial Transcript: Wayne, would you mind relating your earliest association with Senator Russell?

Keywords: Atlanta Journal; Congo; Congressional Quarterly; Powell Moore; Southern bloc; health; interviews; segregation

00:08:50 - Russell's preference for the Atlanta press / Kelley's deleted tape recording of Russell

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Partial Transcript: ...he was inaccessible to a degree because of the great demands on his time and so forth, yet for a few people he was easier to see.

Keywords: Atlanta Magazine; WSB; accessibility; documentary; health; interviews; media; press; telephone

00:19:06 - Russell v. LBJ on Judge Alex Lawrence's appointment / Advice for interviewing President Johnson

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Partial Transcript: Would you comment about the argument that he had with President [Lyndon Baines] Johnson over the appointment of Alex [Lawrence] as a federal judge?

Keywords: Lyndon Johnson; Ralph David Abernathy; Ramsey Clark; Resurrection City; integration; race; segregation

00:31:16 - Russell's reactions to 1968 candidacies

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Partial Transcript: You might, if you will, Wayne, talk about the decision of LBJ not to run and Russell's reaction to that...

Keywords: Alex Lawrence; Charlie Pou; Johnson; Nixon

00:38:31 - Interviewing Russell about the Pueblo Incident / Getting comments on Eisenhower and Carl Hayden

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Partial Transcript: Another one was right after the Pueblo was captured.

Keywords: Armed Services Committee; Carl Hayden; North Korea; Powell Moore; crisis; foreign policy

00:45:08 - Russell's health and accessibility in later years / Russell on Governor Lester Maddox

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Partial Transcript: I think in the last years, declining health, maybe not quite as active in some things, the frequent visits to the hospital made it easier to have, sort of a, you know, a fireside relationship with him.

Keywords: Art Pine; Congressional Quarterly; Phil Campbell; Ramsey Clark; hospitalizations

00:53:36 - Russell's impact on the Senate

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Partial Transcript: Before leaving, do you think there's anything else that you need to tell us about your association...

Keywords: Southern bloc; courtesy calls; debate; influence; leadership; power