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Interview with William Thompson, April 3, 1974

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:09 - Becoming Russell's sculptor

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Partial Transcript: Ah, that's just as good as it; was yesterday, Bill.

Keywords: National Sculpture Society; commission; competition; photographs; review; steffen Thomas

00:07:51 - Significance of the design / Consulting with friends of Russell

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Partial Transcript: One of the things I wanted to ask you was first, have you ever been in a competition for a commission of this size before?

Keywords: background; height; inspiration; personality; symbolism

00:17:58 - Choosing the statue's location / Perfecting the head and clothing

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Partial Transcript: And I told you what Dean Rusk said when I was asking him about his height...

Keywords: Henry Edward Russell; Jeb Russell; base; photographs; site; size

00:25:50 - The internal structure of the sculpture

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Partial Transcript: You just put up four thousand pounds of clay and whittle it down or did you start and build it up?

Keywords: armature; casting; deadlines; materials; pipes; styrofoam; weight

00:30:36 - The spiritual side of sculpting / Learning and representing Russell's essence

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Partial Transcript: I feel that my best work comes when I pray and contemplate.

Keywords: God; Holy Spirit; creation; creativity; family; mother; prayer; religion; representations; soul; symbolism

00:43:00 - The production process / Competing for a commission

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Partial Transcript: When you finish and, now this is the clay finish, now, your next step will be to go into plastic.

Keywords: bronze; clay model; materials; mold; negative cast; plaster; pouring; rubber; wax

00:51:51 - Honoring Russell through the statue exhibit / Discussing interview redactions

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Partial Transcript: I really want the whole thing to be just an excellent work, and I'd like to have it a good commemoration to the man.

Keywords: approval; family; inspiration; memorial; quotes