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Interview with Herman E. Talmadge, April 21, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:00 - Early experiences with Russell

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Partial Transcript: This is Hugh Cates, April 21st, 1971; I'm in the office of Senator Herman Talmadge of Georgia, a Democrat, and I'm about to talk to him about the late Richard Brevard Russell.

Keywords: Civil War; Eugene Talmadge; Great Depression; Kimball House Hotel

00:07:24 - Russell's personal attributes / Russell as a presidential candidate in 1948 and 1952

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Partial Transcript: I think Senator Russell was probably the greatest man that I have served with in the United States Senate.

Keywords: Civil War; Democratic Executive Committee; Euguene Talmadge; Southern Democrats

00:11:25 - Georgia's gubernatorial elections from 1930-1955

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Partial Transcript: Senator Talmadge, there's so many questions I would like to ask you, but I would like to ask you this one first.

Keywords: Chief Justice Richard Brevard Russell; Ellis Arnall; Eugene Talmadge; President Theodore Roosevelt; Southern Democrats; Walter F. George

00:18:42 - Russsell's appointment of Senator John Cohen after the death of Senator William Harris / Russell's mentorship in the Senate

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Partial Transcript: Senator, I'd like to pose this question to you.

Keywords: Calendar Committee; Charles Robert Crisp; Democratic Steering Committee; UGA; United States Senate; University of Georgia; Ways and Means Committee

00:25:54 - Dinner to celebrate Russell and other U.S. leaders during the Korean War / Russell's honors and awards

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Partial Transcript: Senator Talmadge, someone asked me to ask you specifically about a little dinner or luncheon which you planned.

Keywords: Armed Services Committee; Gainesville Times; Secretary of Defense George Marshall; Sylvan Meyer

00:29:56 - Russell's views on desegregation busing / Response to criticism of Lockheed contract

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Partial Transcript: Senator Talmadge, I'd like to get you to comment about two things that were in the news yesterday.

Keywords: American Indians; Armed Services Committee; C5-A; Civil Rights; Civil War; Native American reservations; Soviet Union; Supreme Court; communism; segregation; unilateral disarming

00:37:40 - End of Russell's life / Russell's humor and temperament

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Partial Transcript: Senator Talmadge, how do you think the press of world problems and national problems, how did this affect Senator Russell's health?

Keywords: Alexander Atkinson; Carl Sanders; Congressional Record; Great American Award; Lyndon B. Johnson; Patrick McNamara; U.S. Senate; civil rights

00:48:40 - Russell's relationship with Lyndon Johnson / Richard Russell Foundation

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Partial Transcript: Senator, I would be amiss if I did not ask you to comment, maybe, a little more about the relationship of Senator Russell with Lyndon Johnson.

Keywords: Democratic Minority Leader Johnson; Dwight Eisenhower Administration; Robert Russell; Warren Commission