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Interview with Margaret Chase Smith, April 26, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:03 - Reading the Congressional Record of January 25, 1971: Senator Smith's comments on President Pro Tempore Russell

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Partial Transcript: She said some mighty nice things, things in the Congressional Record of January 25th, 1971.

Keywords: Senate Appropriations Committee; Senate Armed Services Committee; example; humility; integrity; intelliegence; leadership

00:08:05 - Smith's relationship with Russell

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Partial Transcript: Senator Smith, we've had a little chat prior to the taping this morning and you indicated that you've had some strong ties to Georgia over the years.

Keywords: Appropriations; Armed Services Committee; Carl Vinson; Naval Affairs Committee; Reserve Officers Association; kindness

00:14:41 - Russell: The Senate's "giant"

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Partial Transcript: Senator Smith, you said among other things that the death of Richard Brevard Russell marks the end of an era when the U. S. Senate achieved its greatest stature and prestige as an institution.

Keywords: Senator Saltonsall; character; influence; leadership; power; respect

00:22:35 - Russell's character

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Partial Transcript: You said that Russell has a quality of human kindness and warm gentleness that is not known as much as it should be. Would you elaborate about this?

Keywords: helpfulness; junior senators; kindness; leadership; temperament

00:28:58 - Russell's impressive memory / Impact of Russell's health problems

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Partial Transcript: Do you have any other instances of stories that you could recite that would indicate his prodigious memory?

Keywords: Mansfield; Senate leadership; Stennis; hospitalizations; pride; smoking