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Interview with Modine Thomas, February 10, 1972

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:02:16 - Cooking for Senator Russell / Senator Russell's cat

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Partial Transcript: You could tell me how long ago it was that you started working for him.

Keywords: cleaning; pets; servant; serving

00:10:48 - Describing the Russell household / The news of Russell's death / Russell family holidays

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Partial Transcript: He never watched television?

Keywords: Ina Stacy Russell; entertaining; gas; gifts; power; property

00:22:19 - Senator Russell's emphysema / Thomas's personal relationship with Russell

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Partial Transcript: Modine, how did you take care of him? I know you cooked for him...

Keywords: Richard Thomas; health; smoking

00:28:21 - Russell's guests and activities in Winder / Russell's daily habits

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Partial Transcript: Well, can you think of any important people that ever came down to see Senator Russell during his lifetime while you were working with him and for him?

Keywords: Governor Thompson; clothes; entertainment; food; meals; television

00:36:05 - Russell family history / Thomas family history / Decorating the Russell house for Christmas

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Partial Transcript: Well, now, was he born in that house over there?

Keywords: Ina Russell; Methodism; Richard B. Russell, Sr.; William Russell; church; father; holidays; mother; parents; religion

00:46:54 - Russell's good constitution

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Partial Transcript: Did you worry about him when he was in Washington and wasn't eating your cooking?

Keywords: character; composure; education; intelligence