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Interview with Patricia Collins Andretta Dwinwell Butler, April 27, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:02 - Early experiences with Russell

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Partial Transcript: I am with Mrs. Patricia Collins Andretta, and we are about to discuss her association over the years with the late Senator Richard Brevard Russell.

Keywords: Department of Justice; Georgia State Society; Leeman Anderson; Senator Walter George; Smythe Gambrell

00:09:23 - Contact with Russell about senatorial issues / Russell as a dancer

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Partial Transcript: Mrs. Andretta, did you hear him make speeches on the Floor of the Senate during the time you were dating him?

Keywords: Civil Rights; Department of Justice; Floor of the Senate; appropriations statute; racial unrest; state rights

00:14:53 - Russell's social life

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Partial Transcript: Socially, I must say--I don't know whether you've had much in the way of comments about Dick's social life.

Keywords: Pago Pago; Pearl Mesta; Rive Gauche; Shoreham; tracheotomy

00:23:15 - Russell's memory / Russell's love of sports

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Partial Transcript: So many persons have commented about his prodigious memory.

Keywords: Civil War; Civil War battlefields; New Deal legislation; Richard Courts; Ty Cobb; War of Northern Aggression

00:28:11 - Russell's affect and habits / Russell's views on the international situation leading to WWII

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Partial Transcript: I believe you were mentioning earlier to me and we might want to get this on this tape at this particular time, that whenever he felt a sense of embarrassment, you could always tell and would you please recount that at this time?

Keywords: WW2; World War 2; World War II; cigarettes; shrimp cocktail; smoking

00:33:32 - Russell's relationship with his family and Andretta's husband / Russell's failing health

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Partial Transcript: You indicated that he felt more relaxed around his brother-in-law Gene Stacy and his sister Ina.

Keywords: Congressional Record; Department of Justice; Ina Russell; John Hopkins; SAE; Sal Andretta; Senator David Gambrell; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; tracheotomy

00:39:03 - Final memories with Russell

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Partial Transcript: When was the last time you saw the Senator?

Keywords: Ina Russell; Rive Gauche; emphysema; tracheotomy

00:43:27 - Reflections on Russell's legacy and character

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Partial Transcript: Do you think that his influence will be felt in the Senate in years to come?

Keywords: MacArthur-Truman hearings; U.S. Senate; total recall