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Interview with Cliff A. Rutledge, April 14, 1971

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:30 - Recalling Russell's legal practice

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Partial Transcript: Mr. Rutledge, would you mind telling me about your earliest association with Senator Russell?

Keywords: attorney; campaign; law; murder; oration; speeches

00:05:04 - Gubernatorial campaign of 1930

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Partial Transcript: Did you participate in any way in any of his races for the state legislature?

Keywords: barbecues; cotton; fundraising; motorcades; rallies

00:12:00 - The Russell family / 1936 gubernatorial race

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Partial Transcript: Did you have an opportunity to observe the family relationship there?

Keywords: Eugene Talmage; Ina Russell; Lockheed; paving

00:18:43 - Russell's business interests / Love of Southern land and history

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Partial Transcript: Did he have any business interests here in Winder or in this county?

Keywords: Confederacy; Winder; cemeteries; farming; fish hatchery; history; motel; pine trees; stock

00:26:53 - Russell's contributions to Winder / Celebrating the senator's seventh election

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Partial Transcript: I noticed coming into town this comparatively new federal building. Did he have anything to do with that being here in Winder?

Keywords: Lockheed; Rohr; grants; infrastructure; local politics; post office; services; television

00:36:35 - Hometown connections

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Partial Transcript: Was he instrumental in getting the Rohr plant down here--Senator Russell?

Keywords: Harden; Ty Cobb; baseball; dating; personal life

00:45:14 - Russell's friends and busy schedule / Russell's relationship with Lyndon Johnson / Thoughts on Russell's contemporaries and successors

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Partial Transcript: Did the Senator have very close friends?

Keywords: Carl Sanders; Clair Harris; Harry Smith; Jimmy Carter; Vietnam; campaigning; segregation

00:58:53 - Russell's impeccable memory

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Partial Transcript: What would you say was Senator Russell's most outstanding personality trait or characteristic?

Keywords: Russeltown; Ted Kennedy; temper