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Rusk ZZZ, Dean Rusk interviewed by Richard Rusk, Thomas Schoenbaum, and Bob Clute, Part 2, 1985 June

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:03 - U.S. use of covert action

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Partial Transcript: Referring to McGeorge Bundy's view that basically the covert action is counterproductive because of his experiences in the Kennedy administration...

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses U.S. use of covert action, especially in less developed countries. He focuses on the public perception, appropriate use, and historical changes of U.S. covert action.

Keywords: CIA; Central Intelligence Agency; KGB; Komitet Gosudarstvennoye Bezopastnosti; Third World; counterintelligence; developing world

00:06:54 - U.S. foreign aid

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Partial Transcript: Pop, I have a question that relates to Tom's, and I'll just read it to you.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk considers the extent to which U.S. foreign aid can influence the policies of receiving countries. He applies this to U.S. aid given to deter the spread of communism. Rusk also discusses the process and effect of changing the U.S. aid program to focus on education and agriculture. Later, he talks about the difficulties the U.S. can face in giving aid; he gives the examples of Nigeria and Haiti.

Keywords: Nigerian Civil War; Papa Doc Duvalier; Republic of Biafra; Rockefeller Foundation; Soviet Union; Third World; developing world; less developed countries

00:15:14 - Youth education in less developed countries

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Partial Transcript: Bob Clute, let me ask you a question.

Segment Synopsis: Clute discusses the process of educating the youth of less developed countries. He compares the merits of educating them in the U.S. versus sending resources to educate them in their home countries.

Keywords: Rockefeller Foundation; brain drain; culture shock; transfer of technology

00:21:06 - Culture shock

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Partial Transcript: Well, you mentioned the culture shock.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk and Clute talk about the effects of culture shock on a person living in a foreign country. They both share personal stories to illustrate this concept.

Keywords: Atlanta University; Halle Selassie; Hinduism