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Rusk Z, Interview with Dean Rusk, circa 1985

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:00 - National security and privacy

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Partial Transcript: This is a continuation of the tape with Dean Rusk on the issue of intelligence and national security.

Segment Synopsis: Rusk talks on the Freedom of Information Act, and on J. Edgar Hoover's involvement with government leaks during Rusk's tenure as Secretary of State.

Keywords: American Historical Association; Charles de Gaulle; FBI files; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Federal Freedom of Information Act; Hoover's secret files; J. Edgar Hoover; J. Edgar Hoover and homosexuality; John F. Kennedy; Joseph McCarthy; Lyndon B. Johnson; Rockefeller Foundation; Secretary of State; confidentiality; government blackmail; government confidentiality; government information; government leaks; secret files; telephone tapping; wire-tapping

00:13:36 - Insufficient government intelligence

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Partial Transcript: The question is, did you ever have the feeling that you and your colleagues in government were moving ahead on a problem or taking actions based on intelligence that was clearly insufficient?

Segment Synopsis: Rusk speaks on the reliance of the U.S. government on incomplete intelligence to make time-sensitive decisions.

Keywords: Bureau of Intelligence and Research; CIA scholarship; Central Intelligence Agency; Cold War; Defense Intelligence Agency; Loch Johnson; McGeorge Bundy; National Security Council; North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Robert McNamara; Russia; Soviet Russia; Soviet Union; Soviet spy; USSR; academia; government scholarship; intelligence scholarship; polygraphs; spies