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Rusk XXXXX, Dean Rusk interviewed by Richard Rusk, Part 2, 1986 January

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:10 - Assistant Secretary of State Roger Hilsman's 1963 speech on China

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Partial Transcript: Pop, I asked you about Hilsman's speech in 1963.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk speaks on the controversy surrounding Hilsman's speech about China. He talks about the speech's content and the views of Presidents Kennedy and Johnson on the Two Chinas policy that Hilsman discusses in his speech.

Keywords: Cold War; People's Republic of China; Two Chinas policy; communism

00:03:28 - Relationship between the Soviet Union and China

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Partial Transcript: Pop, do you care to comment on some of the advice that Ambassador Dobrynin and other Soviets might have given you...

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses the relationship between the Soviet Union and China in the post-WWII period. He focuses on the reasons for their disagreements, including issues relating to Siberia and Mongolia. He also speaks briefly about China's nuclear development.

Keywords: Cold War; Laos Accords of 1962; communism; preemptive strike