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Rusk VVVVV, Dean Rusk interviewed by Richard Rusk and John Haag, Part 2, 1986 January

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:05 - Financing education at Oxford / Women at Oxford University

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Partial Transcript: I think I should probably say that when I arrived as an undergraduate at Oxford, I was more or less accepted as an honorary gentleman.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk talks about his life at the University of Oxford, focusing on his financial strain despite receiving the Rhodes Scholarship stipend. Later, he discusses the history of the involvement of women at Oxford.

Keywords: British class stratification; Cecil Rhodes; Lady Margaret Hall; St. Hilda's; St. John's College; coeducation; segregated universities

00:05:49 - Changes from America to England / England's strength during crises

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Partial Transcript: Coming from the United States, basically the frontier of the Anglo-Saxon world, what were the biggest what might be called cultural clashes that you had in Britain?

Segment Synopsis: Rusk shares about the cultural differences between England and America. He also talks about the effect of media on perceptions of Americans and the British. Later, Rusk discusses Britain's fortitude in withstanding Hitler alone during World War II.

Keywords: BBC; British Bill of Rights; British Broadcasting Company; Common Law; Habeas Corpus; Lion's Coffee House; Magna Carta; Oxford Oath; Oxford Pledge; Oxford Union; Rhodes Scholarship; Sir David Low; University of Oxford; WW2; World War 2; cartoonists; human rights; pacifism; war propaganda

00:12:37 - Views on England

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Partial Transcript: When you were there in the thirties at Oxford, did you think of the British--

Segment Synopsis: Rusk describes the aspects of England that he likes and dislikes. He also talks about the character of the British people, sharing an anecdote about a camping trip to the Lakes District.

Keywords: David Hume; High Church of England; Oxford University; WW2; WWII; William Wordsworth; Wordsworth District; World War 2; World War II

00:18:31 - Heroes during the 1930's / Oxford student culture

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Partial Transcript: Hey, Pop, before I forget, put that story on tape about von Schlieffen's son in that German tavern.

Segment Synopsis: Rusk briefly shares a story about Colonel von Schlieffen during his time in Neubabelsberg. He also talks about the people he respected most during his time at Oxford, focusing on Robert E. Lee. Later, Rusk discusses the culture around alcohol and studying at Oxford.

Keywords: Civil War; College of St. John the Baptist; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Flapper Age; George Marshall; Oxford beer cellars; Oxford drug culture; Oxford wine cellars; Rhodes Scholarship; St. John's College; University of Oxford; WW1; WWI; World War 1; World War I; class stratification; von Schlieffen Plan

00:25:37 - Lives of classmates after Oxford / Comparison of U.S. South with Britain

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Partial Transcript: What happened to some of your friends and colleagues at Oxford?

Segment Synopsis: Rusk shares about the lives of some of his Oxford classmates, including Grady Frank, David French, and Charles Hartwell Tick. Later, he talks about the ways that the American South resembles England, focusing on the history and culture.

Keywords: Appalachians; Black Watch; C.E.M. Joad; Civil War; Confederacy; Dunkirk; Elizabethan English; English Royal Family; King and Country debate; Oxford Union; Southern hospitality; WW2; WWII; World War 2; World War II; chivalry; pacifism; patriotism; royalist sentiment

00:31:15 - Early concerns about Adolf Hitler / British view on Anglo-Saxons

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Partial Transcript: Were you aware of all the concentration camps in Germany, apparently that Hitler had started right when he took office?

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk shares about the worries he had about Adolf Hitler during the beginning of Hitler's rule, spurred on by the publication of Mein Kampf and the political suppression during Hitler's regime. Later, he talks about an underlying British view of the superiority of Anglo-Saxons.

Keywords: British Empire; Cecil Rhodes; German mysticism; JFK; Konrad Adenauer; President John F. Kennedy; Rhodes Scholarship; Socialism; WW2; WWII; World War 2; World War II; anti-Semitism; emotionalism; political freedoms

00:36:51 - Influence of the University of Oxford

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Partial Transcript: Pop, let me try this one on you.

Segment Synopsis: Rusk talks about the influence of Oxford on his later career and view on America. He recalls the world events during that time, Oxford lecturers, and the books he read.

Keywords: Andrew Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Common Law; Foreign Service; Law Lords; Oxford Union; Secretary of State; Sir Matthew Hale Holdsworth; W.C. Costin; William Shakespeare

00:43:03 - Musical experiences abroad / Life after the Oxford

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Partial Transcript: Did you simply not have the time or the money to hear music?

Segment Synopsis: Rusk recalls his exposure to the arts in Europe during his study at Oxford and through his travels. Later, he talks about his life shortly after Oxford, including winning the Cecil Prize and working at Mills College.

Keywords: Cecil Rhodes; Davidson College; Rhodes Scholarship; Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan; Sir William Schwenck Gilbert; State Department; Thomas J. Schoenbaum