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Rusk UUUU, Dean Rusk interviewed by Richard Rusk and Thomas Schoenbaum, 1985 September 16

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:26 - Four Power Agreement on Berlin

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Partial Transcript: The first thing I would like to ask is a question about the early days with respect to the occupation of Germany.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses the situation in Germany following WW2. He talks about the Four Power Agreement on Berlin, focusing on the problem of the reunification of Germany.

Keywords: Adolf Hitler; Federal Republic of Germany; Morgenthau Plan; Moscow Conference; Potsdam Conference; Soviet Union; United Nations; WWII; World War 2; World War II; the Allies

00:06:02 - Relationship of Germany and France / Austrian State Treaty

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Partial Transcript: Of course, not only the Soviet Union but France gave us problems at first.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses the history of problems between France and Germany and their reconciliation in the postwar period. Later, he talks about the creation of the Austrian State Treaty, which made Austria an independent country.

Keywords: Potsdam agreements; WW1; WW2; WWI; WWII; Weimar Republic; World War 1; World War 2; World War I; World War II

00:11:26 - Berlin blockade

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Partial Transcript: I want to focus on 1947 when you were having responsibility for United Nations...

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk talks about Joseph Stalin's motivations behind the Berlin Blockade and how the U.N. responded to it.

Keywords: Berlin airlift; Cold War; Deutsche Mark; German inflation; Soviet Union; United Nations

00:19:05 - The United Nations in the post-WW2 period

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Partial Transcript: What about the decision to go to the U.N. in the first place?

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk talks about the U.N. in the postwar period. He focuses on its role in situations like the Berlin Crisis and the power dynamic of different countries within the U.N.

Keywords: Cold War; Soviet Union; U.N. Security Council

00:23:37 - George Marshall's uncertainty about Berlin

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Partial Transcript: Pop, you traditionally, habitually tend to downplay your role in these matters in retrospect...

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk shares about Secretary of State George Marshall's uncertainty as to whether the U.S. should maintain control of West Berlin or turn it over to the United Nations.

Keywords: Berlin Crisis; Berlin airlift; Berlin blockade; Cold War; Prime Minister Mike Pearson; nuclear weapons

00:28:51 - Berlin blockade and airlift

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Partial Transcript: You got other questions pertaining to the blockade?

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusks talks about the Berlin blockade and the subsequent airlift of food and supplies from the West. He also considers the effects of the blockade on the Germans, the Soviet Union, Western Europe, and the U.S.

Keywords: Berlin Crisis; Cold War; NATO; NSC-7; North Atlantic Treaty Organization; communism

00:35:03 - The Western European Union / Rebuilding of Germany post-WW2

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Partial Transcript: What about Western European Union?

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk talks about the formation of the Western European Union, focusing on the response of the U.S. and the role of French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman. Later, he considers two of the plans proposed for the rebuilding of Germany: the Morgenthau Plan and the Marshall Plan.

Keywords: NATO; North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Schuman Plan; Secretary of State George Marshall; Vanderberg Resolution

00:40:51 - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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Partial Transcript: In NATO the key section is, of course as you know, Article 5.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses NATO. He talks about his role in its creation, its similarities and differences to the Rio Treaty, and its effect on postwar Europe.

Keywords: Marshall Plan; Organization of American States; United States Congress; War Powers Resolution

00:46:48 - Reunification of Germany

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Partial Transcript: As I understand it, the allies at Potsdam, and even Truman, wanted to put Germany on the back burner.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk debates whether Germany could have been reunified shortly after WW2 if the U.S. had made it a priority. He also considers whether leaders like German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer actually wanted a unified Germany.

Keywords: German Democratic Republic of East Germany; German Federal Republic; Joseph Stalin; WWII; World War 2; World War II

00:52:48 - Personal experiences with Germany

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Partial Transcript: We're getting toward the end.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk talks about his experiences in Germany during his political career and as a student. He also shares about his mother's German ancestry and gives his views about German culture. Additionally, he briefly discusses the problem of reunifying Germany and how the German people came to follow Adolf Hitler.

Keywords: NATO; Nazism; North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Soviet Union; WW2; WWII; World War 2; World War II