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Rusk RRRR, Dean Rusk interviewed by Richard Rusk and Thomas Schoenbaum, 1985 August

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:00 - Importance of international law

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Partial Transcript: --International law and Tom Schoenbaum and Rich Rusk are doing the Interviewing. This Is August 1985. There's other sections on international law in the U.N. transcripts.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk describes studying international law at Davidson College, Oxford University, and the University of California at Berkeley. He went on the teach international law at the University of Georgia. He discusses the meaning and importance of international law in the State Department.

Keywords: Hochschule fur Politik; John Foster Dulles; League of Nations; Professor Viktor Bruns; Suez Cannal

00:15:47 - Legal Advisers to the State Department

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Partial Transcript: Pop, who was your roving commissioner for your international council?

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses Abram Chayes and Leonard Meeker, two of his legal advisers to the State Department. He talks about the importance of making sure the State Department had a competent lawyer.

Keywords: American Society of International Law; Benjamin Read; Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; Harvard Law School

00:21:47 - Teaching methods / Transition from decision making to academia

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Partial Transcript: But in my teaching of international law I tried to combine the textbook kind of principles with how these things actually work in the real world.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk talks about his methods for teaching international law and describes his transition from being a decision maker to a teacher.

Keywords: James Ralph Beaird; Socratic method; University of California; University of Georgia

00:27:05 - Outline of Dean Rusk's course

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Partial Transcript: We have the outline of your course: at least the course as it was taught in 1981.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses the topics that he taught in his international law course. He talks about assigning readings that were treaties and documents of international law rather than just case studies, and having open book exams.

Keywords: Berkeley; Commerce Department; International Court of Justice; International Legal Materials; International Trade Commission; Law of the Sea; Roman Law; State Department; The American Journal of International Law; The Georgia Journal of International Law; U.N. Charter; law of treaties; national jurisdiction; nationality

00:43:10 - Law governing outerspace

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Partial Transcript: But I was also interested in law that is coming into being, not just the law as it is today, but also law as it is coming into being, with such things as outerspace and the environment and matters of that sort.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses legal issues involving outerspace, such as where outerspace begins and where national air space leaves off.

Keywords: Rockefeller Foundation; Russia; Sputnik

00:48:41 - Relationship with George Kennan

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Partial Transcript: Even back in the Truman administration I had some running discussions with George Kennan about international law, and indeed the role of basic moral principles in relations among nations.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses the role of basic moral principles in the relationships between nations. He also talks about his views differed to those of George Kennan, the U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Keywords: Andrei Andreevich Gromyko; Ardahan, Turkey; East Berlin; Kars, Turkey; Machiavellianism; Potsdam; West Berlin; Yalta