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Rusk QQQ, Arthur Goldberg, March 1985

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:01:19 - Relationship with Rusk while Secretary of Labor

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Partial Transcript: I guess you've known my father in three or four different roles.

Segment Synopsis: Goldberg talks about his relationship with Rusk while they were members of the presidential Cabinet. He describes Dean Rusk's character and attitude toward his peers.

Keywords: Air Force One; Aptheker v. Rusk; Bobby Kennedy; Eisenhower Administration; Luther Hartwell Hodges Jr.; Middle East; President Dwight D. Eisenhower; Robert Kennedy; Robert McNamara; Secretary of State; Supreme Court; Vietnam War; labor movements; labor unions

00:08:35 - Disagreements with Rusk

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Partial Transcript: At the U.N.--you were gonna talk about that.

Segment Synopsis: Goldberg discusses his disagreements with Rusk about the Vietnam War and U.S. involvement in the United Nations.

Keywords: Foreign Service; Israel; Johnson Administration; LBJ; Middle East; President Lyndon B. Johnson; Six-Day War; State Department; Supreme Court justices

00:14:43 - The Pueblo incident

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Partial Transcript: I once was terribly sore at your father

Segment Synopsis: Goldberg talks about the Pueblo incident, in which the USS Pueblo was captured by North Korean forces, and recalls becoming frustrated with Rusk and Secretary of Defense McNamara because of that incident. He also discusses his feelings about the Vietnam War, and describes his early role in the war.

Keywords: AGER-2; Adlai Stevenson; Cold War; National Security Agency; Nonproliferation Treaty; Pueblo crisis; Tet Offensive; USS Pueblo; international waters; nuclear weapons

00:20:31 - Tet Offensive

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Partial Transcript: Your father's a rather shy person, do you know that?

Segment Synopsis: Goldberg discusses the Tet Offensive, sharing his views on the way in which the outcome was represented by the U.S.military.

Keywords: CBS; Columbia Broadcasting System; General Matthew Ridgway; General William Westmoreland; Johnson Administration; LBJ; OSS; Office of Strategic Services; President Lyndon B. Johnson; Supreme Court; Treaty on Outer Space; U.S. Congress; US Congress; United States Congress; Vietnam War

00:28:07 - President Johnson's policy change in the Vietnam War

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Partial Transcript: Townsend Hoopes wrote a book called The Limits of Intervention in which he claims that Clark Clifford played a decisive role with Lyndon Johnson in turning the policy around.

Segment Synopsis: Goldberg and Richard Rusk talk about the factors that could have led to President Johnson's change in policy during the Vietnam War.

Keywords: 19th parallel; Clark Clifford; State Department; Tet Offensive; U.S. foreign policy; US foreign policy; Warren Cohen