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Rusk QQ, Interview with Dean Rusk and William Bundy, February 1985

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:00 - Congress's involvement in the Vietnam War

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Partial Transcript: I mentioned the other day the question as to whether we should have insisted that the Congress vote each year on the Tonkin Gulf Resolution.

Segment Synopsis: William Bundy speaks about the reasons that President Johnson chose not to resend the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution to Congress each year. Bundy theorizes that this decision was related to Johnson's desire to establish the Great Society. Dean Rusk and Bundy also discuss the level of involvement that Congress had throughout the course of the Vietnam War.

Keywords: GDP during the Vietnam War; Richard Russell; Senator Barry Goldwater; United States Army Reserve; Vietnam War cost; congressional debate; domestic policy; gross national product; powers of Congress

00:06:11 - Senator Mansfield and Senator Fulbright

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Partial Transcript: May I comment one an aspect of that...

Segment Synopsis: Bundy and Dean Rusk discuss Senators Mansfield and Fulbright, who were privately and publicly opposed to the Vietnam War, respectively.

Keywords: Foreign Relations Committee; Gulf of Tonkin Resolution; John Bertram Oakes; Johnny Oakes; New York Times; President Lyndon B. Johnson; SEATO; Senate Majority Leader; Southeast Asia Treaty Organization; Washington Post

00:15:21 - Conclusion of the Vietnam War

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Partial Transcript: Can we move on to, since we only have a few minutes left, can we move onto the events of 1968?

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk and Bundy discuss the events leading up to the Vietnam War peace negotiations.

Keywords: Clark Clifford; General Westmoreland; San Antonio Formula; Tet Offensive; Vietnam War bombing

00:21:36 - Impact on President Johnson at the end of the Vietnam War

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Partial Transcript: I always suspected that you might have already talked to the President

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk and Bundy talk about Rusk's relationship with President Johnson, discussing Rusk's impact on President Johnson's decision to begin reducing American involvement in the Vietnam War.

Keywords: Clark Clifford; Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board; Paris Peace Accords; Pentagon Papers; President Nguyen Van Thieu; Public opinion on the Vietnam War; Truman Administration