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Rusk PPPPPP, Virginia Wallace, 1986 June

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:13 - Applying to work with Dean Rusk

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Partial Transcript: I'm Virginia Wallace.

Segment Synopsis: Wallace recalls first hearing about Dean Rusk from her friend Irene, a young State Department employee, and remembers seeing him for the first time while he was escorting the Shah of Iran. She recalls applying to be Rusk's secretary, a job in which she responded to letters and assisted Mrs. Rusk.

Keywords: FSO; Foreign Service; Office of United Nations Political Affairs; office of personnel

00:04:57 - Characterizing Rusk

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Partial Transcript: From your own vantage point, what kind of man did Dean Rusk seem to be to you?

Segment Synopsis: Wallace describes Rusk as warm but reserved, and says that he was hard-working and respectful. She says that Rusk was a thoughtful decision-maker and that he was loyal to the president, citing his implementation of policy and his rejection of more lucrative job offers.

Keywords: Vietnam; character; personality

00:11:34 - Mrs. Rusk's role in diplomatic events / Wallace's most memorable days at work

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Partial Transcript: Can you tell me something about Mrs. Rusk and her role as wife of the Secretary of State?

Segment Synopsis: Wallace talks about Mrs. Rusk's hosting of foreign dignitaries, attendance at national day celebrations, decoration of Diplomatic Reception Rooms, and organization of the Hospitality and Information Service for diplomats and their families. She recalls fielding questions about Peggy Rusk's interracial marriage and returning from New Zealand after Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

Keywords: Kennedy; Margaret Rusk; Public Affairs; Rio de Janiero; Virginia Foisie Rusk; Virginia Rusk

00:19:57 - Wallace's personal relationship with the Rusks

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Partial Transcript: Did other members of your family ever meet Secretary or Mrs. Rusk?

Segment Synopsis: Wallace remembers introducing family members to the Rusks and recalls Rusk's farewell from the State Department. She recounts an anecdote demonstrating Rusk's humility.

Keywords: Foreign Service; Hospitality and Information Service