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Rusk N, Interview with Dean Rusk, circa 1985

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:04 - The Burma Road

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Partial Transcript: We had these big truck-trailer combinations prepared in the United States to be used on the Burma Road, but in fact we didn't use them because by the time we got the Burma Road open the old DC-4, C-54 aircraft had begun to come in.

Segment Synopsis: Rusk discusses the issues related to the use of the Burma Road.

Keywords: ALCAN Highway; Alaska Highway; Burma Road; Chester W. Nimitz; Douglas C-54 Skymaster; Douglas MacArthur; Empire of Japan; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Madame Chiang Kai-shek; Second Sino-Japanese War; Soong May-ling; civilian aircraft; repurposed civilian aircrafts

00:03:00 - Responsibilities as Chief of War Plans during Korean War

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Partial Transcript: Who signed those messages? Stilwell?

Segment Synopsis: Rusk discusses his tasks as Chief of War Plans during the Korean War, telling anecdotes of various problems he encountered.

Keywords: 20th General Hospital; 5307th Composite Unit; Burma; Joseph Stilwell; Merrill's Marauders; South-East Asian theatre; The Korean War; Unit Galahad; University of Pennsylvania; World War II; World War II hospitals; carrier pigeons; ground combat forces; typhus; war hospitals; war-time medicine

00:09:21 - Seizure of Myitkyina

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Partial Transcript: Well, they played a key role in the seizure of Myitkyina which was a key part in opening the Burma Road.

Segment Synopsis: Rusk describes the China-India-Burma Theatre and its subsequent variations over time.

Keywords: Albert Coady Wedemeyer; Chiang Kai-shek; China-India-Burma Theatre; DC-4 C-54; Daniel Isom Sultan; Douglas C-54 Skymaster; Joseph Stilwell; Louis Mountbatten

00:11:25 - General Stilwell's relationship with Lord Montbatten / Chinese in Burma / Writing Stilwell's cables

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Partial Transcript: General Stilwell wore several hats simultaneously.

Keywords: China; China-Burma-India Theatre; General Joseph Stilwell; Lord Louis Mountbatten; Robert F. Seedlock; war-time correspondence; xenophobia

Subjects: Rusk describes relationships between General Stilwell and Lord Louis Mountbatten and between people he has kept up with since World War II. He also talks about his "political" role in writing General Stilwell's cables.