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Rusk JJJJJ, Dean Rusk interviewed by Richard Rusk, 1985 November 5

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:04 - Presidential election of 1968 / Proposed bombing pause during the Vietnam War

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Partial Transcript: --declaring for the Presidency of 1968.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk speaks about the presidential election of 1968, focusing on the candidacies of Senator Bobby Kennedy, President Lyndon B. Johnson, and Senator Eugene McCarthy. Later, he discusses proposals to pause bombing in North Vietnam. He talks about the motivations behind these proposals and the reactions of other U.S. leaders.

Keywords: Democratic Convention of 1968; JFK; John F. Kennedy; Robert F. Kennedy; United Nations

00:09:21 - 1968 meeting of the "wise men" about the Vietnam War

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Partial Transcript: Around March 22, in view of the way things seemed to be going at the White House, Clark Clifford got discouraged about the trend of policy.

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk talks about a meeting of President Johnson's closest advisers in March of 1968 to discuss Vietnam War policy, and recalls Johnson's reaction to this meeting.

Keywords: Johnson Administration; LBJ; Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford; Tet Offensive

00:13:07 - President Johnson's speech on March 31, 1968

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Partial Transcript: To begin the question of when did LBJ decide on the bombing pause, the moment of decision...

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk discusses President Johnson's televised speech from March of 1968. He focuses on its creation and content, especially Johnson's decision to pause bombing in North Vietnam and not to pursue reelection.

Keywords: "I Will Not Run" Address to the Nation; General William Westmoreland; LBJ; Vietnam War

00:18:36 - Effect of March 1968 speech

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Partial Transcript: Do you think LBJ thought, in retrospect, that he had made the right decision on March 31?

Segment Synopsis: Dean Rusk and Richard Rusk talk about President Johnson's announcement of a bombing pause in Vietnam. They focus the conversation on the speech's effect on the U.S. public, U.S. leaders, and the soldiers in Vietnam.

Keywords: Paris Peace Talks; President Nixon; Tet Offensive; Vietnam War; Vietnam War escalation