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Rusk HHHHHH, Ralph Beaird, 1987 April 10

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:05 - Southerners' pride in the South

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Partial Transcript: I resent it to a certain extent.

Segment Synopsis: Beaird talks about the pride that Southerners like Dean Rusk, President Johnson, and himself have for the South. He illustrates this by talking about his desire to improve the legal education in Georgia.

Keywords: UGA; UGA law school; University of GA; University of Georgia

00:04:07 - The Dean Rusk Center

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Partial Transcript: --talk to the effect that the Law School is planning to build an addition that might house something called the Dean Rusk Center.

Segment Synopsis: Beaird discusses UGA's plans to build a Dean Rusk Center to honor Dean Rusk and to help expand the UGA law school.

Keywords: North Campus Preservation Committee; University of GA; University of Georgia; Waddell Hall Center