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Rusk G, Interview with Dean Rusk, circa 1985

Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia
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00:00:09 - DoD and State Department work

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Partial Transcript: Maybe we could pick up at the time when you came back from India for a brief period and were called to Washington for your first job.

Segment Synopsis: Rusk mentions individuals he worked with in the Operations Division of the War Department General Staff, and he describes SWNCC's influence on FDR's foreign policy decisions. Rusk also describes his time in the State Department, where he worked on negotiations between members of the UN Security Council.

Keywords: Department of Defense; Department of State; Franklin Roosevelt; Oxford; State/War/Navy Coordinating Committee; UNSC; United Nations; diplomacy

00:09:54 - General George Marshall

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Partial Transcript: Getting back to your work at the Operations Division under General Lincoln...

Segment Synopsis: Rusk recalls managing the Bureau of Special Political Affairs. He also talks about Secretary of State George Marshall's personality traits, including his insistence on concise language, his sardonic humor, and his professionalism.

Keywords: Alger Hiss; Bureau of Special Political Affairs; Bureaus of United Nations Affairs; John McCloy; Operations Division; State Department; United Nations

00:20:41 - Washington offices

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Partial Transcript: Isn't that the same office that you later occupied when you were Secretary of State?

Segment Synopsis: Rusk mentions working in various government buildings and living around the D.C. area. He chronicles several positions he held in Washington and discusses Far Eastern Affairs.

Keywords: Assistant Secretary for United Nations Affairs; General McCarthy; John Foster Dulles; State Department

00:29:06 - Japanese Peace Treaty / UN membership

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Partial Transcript: One of my jobs as John Foster Dulles' backstop was to brush aside efforts made by all sorts of people in different agencies of the government to include this, or that, or the other kind of trivia in the Japanese Peace Treaty.

Segment Synopsis: Rusk speaks about the Japanese Peace Conference, the UN Security Council, and the status of smaller countries within the UN.

Keywords: Dean Acheson; Gromyko; Japan; Russia; United Nations; veto

00:40:04 - Perspective on the presidency

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Partial Transcript: Can we talk about your relations with President Truman?

Segment Synopsis: Rusk talks about Truman's view of the presidency and his decisive nature, which Rusk contrasts with Kennedy's more cautious approach to congressional matters. Rusk emphasizes how demanding the role of president is.

Keywords: Adlai Stevenson; JFK; decision making; foreign policy

00:47:12 - Establishment of Israel

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Partial Transcript: Can we talk about the creation of Israel just in the time remaining...

Segment Synopsis: Rusk discusses the UN Partition Plan and his negotiating with Zionist and Arab parties during the formation of Israel. He also recalls reactions of US and foreign diplomats to President Truman's recognition of Israel.

Keywords: George Marshall; United Nations; Zionism; diplomacy; negotiations